Challenging Knit Ideas

Hi all!

New to the site, 1 year self-taught knitter. Just finished knitting some fun cabled iPad cases as christmas gifts and wanted to start a couple projects. Was hoping you all could throw some ideas my way. I'd like the first to be a gift for my boyfriend. As for the, second I would love to tackle a lace project. I've done a few simple lace patterns and am feeling tempted to dive into an Estonian lace pattern after I've practiced some of the techniques a bit more. Will post pictures of some of my projects soon.


Hi back at ya! Welcome.

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Welcome Edwin. Looking forward to seeing your creations.

"All knitting is just one stitch at a time."

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my fella likes hats and scarves, but his favorite gifts I've ever knit or crocheted for him were afghans.

Welcome to the site!

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Yea! I was thinking of doing a throw....maybe a quilted pattern. Know any good ones?

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Edwin, Welcome!! Afghans are great fun although a bit challenging at times depending on the patterns. I made two aran design, different colors, for Christmas gifts. They are pretty easy after getting started. Just had to really pay attention to the patterns. Making a scarf is a great starter project for new knitters as well. I am partial to anything with cables and kind of look for patterns with them. Try googling for knitting patterns...Good Luck, Peace, Bill

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Hi Edwin,
Welcome to the group!
I just recently finished this afghan and had a great time doing it. It took 7 months to do, but I did smaller projects as a distraction and to get things ready for Christmas and birthdays.

I found the pattern in The knitting man(ual) : 20+ projects for guys and the people who knit for them by Kristin Spurkland

Again, welcome!


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Mark, That is beautiful! I have seen this pattern around and really like it. Bill

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Thanks, Bill! It was my first attempt at a large project as I had just learned to knit 6 month before. All in all, I am pleased with it and learned so much about the craft.


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Mark, That's a great looking afghan. It look very cozy and warm. I especially like the curved edges. Hope you recovery from surgery is going smoothly. Cullen

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Thanks guys....Think I may go with an afghan for the one project. I think I may have found a lace pattern that I'd like to try. It's called Mystic Forest on ravelry - I know you all must be thinking that it's way out of my league but I usually like to jump in the deep end to learn different techniques. Guess that's what happens when you're dad teaches you how to swim as a kid by throwing you in the deep end of the pool, or swimming you out to the middle of the lake and leaving you there, lol. I'll definitely be posting questions about some of the techniques that I'm having trouble with. Thanks for the warm reception; glad to be a part of such a warm and helpful community.

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Edwin...that's a stunning lace pattern...
I think a man could wear that...

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Hi and welcome to the site, there is a lot of support and information here. I personally like lace knitting, good luck. I don't knit for my guy - I taught him to do it himself lol.

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Edwin, Welcome to this site. It is a great place to get ideas, share projects, and ask for knitting related help. As you know, Ravelry is full of people's various projects and pattern ideas. I look forward to seeing what you make and create....Cullen

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Welcome to MWK. My suggestion was to give you a chance to do an afghan and lace: Feather and Fan. It's a simple pattern but makes a fantastic rippled afghan when knit in worsted weight using size 11 needles. You can make stripes or just use one color. I've knit several of them and have always enjoyed it.

Anyhow, since you found one to go with, don't be afraid to come back and ask questions. It's how we learn to master this art/craft - pushing the boundaries and challenging ourselves with new projects. Lots of luck.

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Allow me to join the the throng of gentlemen to welcome you to the site, and to compliment your very impressive .. skeins. Good to see some younger guys taking up this hobby!

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lol...thanks! glad to have this forum to come to when i have a question. as far as my profile picture it was actually part of a series of photos that were meant to poke fun at gender barriers....Aside from knitting I bodybuild, cook, do woodwork, and am learning how to sew. And I agree with you on the point that my generation should take more interest in how things are constructed. I can't tell you how many friends can't believe that a person could technically make a sweater that they'd buy at Macy's or Banana Republic. Again thanks for the welcome.

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Welcome! And welcome again - to the "Dark Side" of knitting; LACE!

Feel free to sign up over at :

I've a couple hundred or so lace patterns over there....


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