simple cardigan pattern

hi there!
i'm new to the site and excited to find a forum like this!

I'm wondering of anyone has any recommendations for a simple, classic cardigan with nothing too intricate in the pattern? I've knit cable sweaters and love the challenge, but I want an everyday piece that I can wear with just about anything that will be boring to knit but super quick. Unfortunately on ravelry I haven't found much that isn't too detailed and whatnot, so I'm wondering if anyone might have either a vintage military cardigan pattern they'd recommend or if they've seen anything else around.

thanks for your help!

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Welcome, Jason. Hope you find this community as great as I do. A grand group of knitters.

As for a simple cardigan...I like knitting them from the neck down with simple raglan shaping and sleeves that you come back to to finish it. If you google "neck - down raglan sweater", you can find one site that helps you break it down into percentages that makes it easy to knit. You can also decide if you want a regular neck or V-neck as you knit it. The one site [sorry, can't remember which one] even will give you rough estimates as to length of various parts and the approximate amount of yarn you need for the size , etc.

Lots of luck. Hopes this helps. Looking forward to hearing more about it as you go along.

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Hi Jason and Welcome to MenWhoKnit. Are you looking for a pattern that is bulky? I have some of my mother patterns from Coats and Clarks c. back in the 1960s. You might also try Lyon Brand Yarns. They have patterns (free and paid ) for men sweaters. Just let me know. Good luck on your sweaters.

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wow those sound amazing. thanks! where would I be able to find them?

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Hi and welcome to the MWK site

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Welcome, Jason. I am just finishing a mens' hoodie. I found the pattern in the Holiday 2011 issue of KnitSimple. I changed it to a knit 6, purl 2 rib to make it more interesting that a stockinette stitch. it is a pretty easy pattern. Good Luck, sweaters can be a bit challenging with the fit. Peace, Bill

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Welcome aboard!
When you find that cardigan pattern - let me know - am looking too!
(I like the idea of the hoodie Sundazzed suggests!)

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Welcome aboard!
When you find that cardigan pattern - let me know - am looking too!
(I like the idea of the hoodie Sundazzed suggests!)

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May I recommend the basic Ann Norling sweater patterns?
...there is a top down raglan and a bottom up pattern...very clearly written...covering multiple gauges.
I learned to knit sweaters from her patterns...
...most yarn shops carry them.

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Welcome, Jason!
I hope you enjoy this community of knitters. I started knitting about 15 months ago and found this site on the first day I was searching for patterns. I am so glad that I did. Like you, I am looking for a simple sweater to make as well. Make sure you post what you find and maybe we can all make it together!

Again, welcome.