Rock Island designed by Jared Flood (Brooklyntweed)

Just off the blocking wires is this triangular shawl designed by Jared Flood. I used 4 strands of ColourMart cashmere/linen 40/60 2/62NM very fine laceweight, the colour is lapisazzulo and the needle was a 4mm circular with wooden tips. The size was 127cm x 94cm (50" x 37") The edging was knitted first and then stitches picked up to knit the body of the shawl. The pattern was a delight to knit as Jared writes clear, accurate, and easy to follow directions. I enjoyed knitting this and will probably knit it again in laceweight merino.

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Great piece. I'm trying not to hate Jared - because I would SO want to have designed that......

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Kerry, it's lovely!
...did colourmark ply 4 strands together for you...or did you knit with four seperate strands?

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Thanks Bill. I asked ColourMart to run two strands together for me but that was still so fine I wound some off the cone and ran that together with the two on the cone. They would have wound four for me, I just didn't realise how fine the yarn was.

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I've swatched and washed a sample with four strands of assorted charcoal grey cashmere and merino. It's heavier than what you're using...
I plan to knit zippered cardigan with lapels...sort of a knitted sport coat.
I don't yet fully understand the "twist" system o jut ordered individual cones.

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As I understand the twist system, it is just x number of strands wound together as distinct from plying. Twisting is free and plying has a charge.

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Absolutely gorgeous, Kerry, like all of your work. The colour is astounding in that pattern.

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Wow, blue is the new black. Looks great!

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Stunning. Congrats!

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What a creation! What a beautiful job! Congratulations, Kerry.

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Spectacular.....Kerry as usual your work and colour choice has it the mark again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A stunning piece of work. Congratulations Kerry.

I may have to add that to my queue!

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Very lovely, Kerry. I think it knit up beautifully...4 strands, eh? The one strand must be as fine as sewing thread.

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Thanks Joe, yes it is.

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Yowza! Talk about your cobweb weight lace yarn!

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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The word "gossamer" comes to mind. It's so delicate, light, and airy. Just beautiful!

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Beautiful, a really nice combination of simple and intricate sections, and I agree on the color too.