Hilarious "How to Knit" video - from Dan

It's a bit long and you can skip through parts of it, but it's pretty hilarious.

Knitting 101 by DanTuty.



smalltownknitguy's picture

Saw it last night and laughed for about 30 minutes. Posted it to facebook. Hilarious.

bobinthebul's picture

Hehe I posted it too. The stapler was great; I think it was the Elmer's glue that sealed it though...

Joe-in Wyoming's picture

Sort of reminds me of the first time I tried to teach myself to knit based upon instructions for a right hand dominant knitter in a book with no pictures. Luckily, I found books with illustrations and persevered.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

CLABBERS's picture

I love that he says, "We aren't making mistakes, we are making experiences." I've made a lot of "experiences." LOL Thanks for a good chuckle!

AKQGuy's picture

Oh... The stapler just got me. And i believe one day when i tore an entrelac scarf from my needles and cut the yarn to use the remainder on something else I used the words "i don't even care anymore".

Poor poor yarn...

IamKnitGuy's picture

I think the best bit was right at the beginning when he uses the tape to cast-on and says, "people say it's cheating and I say .... shut up".

rc_in_sd's picture

That's great, Frank, thank you! A couple of my favs are:

"It’s okay to pull real hard because it’s yarn. Yarn can’t feel pain."

"It’s okay to skip every other stitch, ‘cause I think that’s what people do."