Martha Stewart Show!

Happen to be watching Martha this morning. My sad little teddy bears were featured at the start of the show. I'm.....WOAH! I can't believe it!!!!
More to come! I need a beer!!!!


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Most cool! Congrats!

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Be sure you now say "as featured on Martha Stewart"...

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Awesome! I hope it works out well for you!

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Bet you didn't think *that* would happen a year ago! Congratulations!

Great news!

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WOW! A Martha Steward endorsement is like gold. You should write to her and thank her for having the bears on and let her know that you would be happy to come on the show and give a demonstration and tell your story. You never know what can happen. I am so happy for you! I'll join you in the beer.

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Wow Patrick!!! You now have been Martha-ized....Like Ilhiker stated, your next stop is to be featured on the show. WHAT A GREAT OPPORTUNITY....I am happy for you....will join you with a tequilla shot. :-)


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Do you know if the episode is online? A link to watch it would be cool. I checked YouTube, but only found information on the knitting loom.

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Someone just sent me the link:,xnOWQ0MzpCoPTADoR4r88MyJlZ2s64uj

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Why don't you edit the original article and put the link there? You want people to go see it!

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Lion Brand Yarn has a Martha Stewart Craft Collection on their home page. Since Lion Brand featured your teddy bear, perhaps this is why your bear ended up on her show. I hope she gave you credit for it.

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That's a great shot of the three bears! ...and Martha called them adorable...,xnOWQ0MzpCoPTADoR4r88MyJlZ2s64uj

You can quote her on your etsy shop page!