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Hi Guys,
I found a Lace Poncho that I would like to make as a Christmas gift. I am stumped by the directions and it says it's an easy pattern.

I understand the pattern stitch, but in the Poncho pattern, I don't see where you use rows 3-6 from the pattern stitch. What am I missing? Can anyone help me? I'm sure I've overlooked something simple.

I'm also confused because the stitch pattern says "multiples of 6", but the the poncho pattern says to cast on 56, which is not a multiple of 6.



Pancho Pattern Link to Lion Brand

I forgot to attach the pattern and I know some of you don't subscribe to Lion Brand. See below. Sorry about that.

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Might that 56 include two edge stitches?

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For rows 3-6, notice the diaganol (just woke up and can't seem to spell) cast of the stitches in the picture? That increase of the first knit stitches in rows 3 and 5 are whats giving it that skew to the left. If you don't do those your yo's will just pile up in columns directly above the last set instead of skew off to the left.

As for your stitch count. You have a selvedge edge of 4 stitches on each side that you slip the first one each row.
4 + 4 = 8
56 - 8 = 48
48 divided by 6 is 8
In other words slip 1 k3, work pattern over following 6 stitches x 8 (48) and k4 remaining stitches on needle.

Hope that helps.

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I have done this pattern before. I will see if I remember. The 56 stitch cast on will work because the lace part is worked on 48 stitches (the first and last 4 stitches are garter stitch). After the first 6 rows (garter stitch) you will begin the body of the poncho which is slip first stitch as if to knit, work lace row over next 48 stitches to last 4, knit last 4 stitches. This is repeated over the six rows of lace pattern.
Basically first 4 knit, work lace row to last 4, knit 4. I hope this clarifies the pattern for you. It is a very quick knit.

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Still Confused
Hi Guys,
Thanks....I still don't get what I do when it says "Continue in pattern as established..." Do I then do Rows 3 through 6 of the pattern stitch, then go back to the first row? That's what I am reading. Sorry to be so dense.
Thanks again, guys.


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Yes you have it. You will basically be repeating rows 1-6 of the lace pattern, with 4 stitch edging through the work. I think they showed you rows one and two to establish the garter edge. Hope this helps.

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Thanks! I just kept reading it over and over and thought, "Surely there is logic in this pattern somewhere." Of course, now that you and the others have helped me, I realized that I hadn't provided a copy of the pattern, only the Lion Brand page to the free pattern. I put it in the original posting now. God bless your great memory!!!