SKYP sock

These were completed last week. I wanted to make a pair of socks for my mother, I had the yarn sitting here for a long time, asking to be knit into socks, but I needed to find the right pattern.

I came across these delightful cables, called SKYP socks, and started them toe-up because I wanted to use up ALL the yarn. Everything went along fine, except Mom wasn't here to measure for the length. MY foot was, so that is what I used. I guess they will have to be mine now!

I love doing socks toe-up! I have devised this heel and love the way it works. I will experiment with another heel for the next pair, and see how I like the various kinds I know.

It didn't take that long to do, except for that break when those events intruded into my life, distracting me for a few weeks. Just by doing little here and there, I was able to complete them in relatively a short time.

When I thought the leg was long enough, and when I judged there was enough for the ribbing at the top, I continued in the 2/1 rib until I only had enough to bind off. The first sock had less than 40 cm left after binding off. The second sock was not so lucky -- I had only barely enough yarn to do the last stitch!! That will not do, so I borrowed some from the first sock, and then had to splice in the last 4 stitches to make sure it didn't come apart later. I guess I should have ended it a little earlier!!

Still, they fit very nicely, I like the design, and it was very simple to do. If you examine closely, you will notice that I did the crossings opposite on each foot -- but who will really take notice, or care!

Now, to find some yarn and make another pair. I've had a bit of a event recently which means my yarn is not easily accessible. I will find something!!

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Nice socks. I hope life isn't too upset for you.

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Those are wonderful. I would have kept them for myself too! Curious about the heel you devised.

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The detail in the design is wonderful. I really like it. Can you make me a pair too? Did you spin and dye the yarn yourself? It's a very soothing color.


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No, sorry, that was some commercial yarn I've had for a long time. The colour is somewhat darker than this, but very close. it was a wool/nylon blend. They feel good!

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Very nice knitting. Excellent fit on the heel.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Nice looking pair of socks and the fit looks perfect. I am interested in the heel you made. Maybe share this with all of us (?). Do you have "sock blockers" for the blocking step. Just interested since I have knitted a couple pairs of socks this summer....Cullen

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Lovely pair!