Another First....

Socks for my husband.

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Beautiful socks! They look nice and warm for the winter season. Do the socks you make stay up on the shin? Do you make any modifications to make them more secure?

PaulKnittingNow's picture

hi modifications, but the ribbing is 2x2 which makes it stretchy enough to be comfortable without slipping down.

Tallguy's picture

I do find that 2/2 rib to be more elastic than the 1/1 rib. The last socks I made were 2/1 rib, and seem to be holding quite well. Some people will use a smaller needle for the ribbing to make them a bit firmer and more elastic. Try several methods and find one that works for you.

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Beautiful socks. I bet they are appreciated. Congratulations.

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Very nice looking socks, Paul. I prefer 2x2 rib for my sock tops since it does seem to make them fit better.

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Great work! Are you now a sock addict?

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Cool, I'm sure he'll love them.