Clive's gansey

My partner Clive knitted this Elizabeth Zimmermann Gaffer's Gansey for himself in 8ply (DK)wool using 3.25mm needles. He is not a member of MWK so asked me to put it in my blog.

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How wonderful that you and your partner can share knitting time!

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This is a very handsome sweater indeed, he (your partner) has done a wonderful job. I sometimes wonder if my guy will get beyond scarves and hats, oh well he is handy with a hammer and is building me a new kitchen lol.

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Clive doesn't knit often but he is a perfectionist, unlike me. Sometimes I wish he was handy with a hammer LOL.

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So much talent in one family!!! Isn't that great. The gansey is stupendous and it looks great on him.

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It does look good, and because of the needle size has made a tight fabric which will be so warm in the winter.

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Clive is away on tour much of the time, he is a singer, but our favourite knitting areas are at opposite ends of the house :)

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That is a lovely pattern and Clive did a great job knitting it up. Thanks to both of you for sharing it.

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Truly a stunning scarf. I really like the neckline. Can the pattern be purchased online or is it one you found in one of Elizabeth's books?


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The pattern for Gaffer's Gansey can be purchased from Schoolhouse Press. Be forewarned, though, it begins with an error. There's no way to make a k2, p2 ribbing with p2, k2, p2 side seams directly opposing each other. I cast-on for this sweater this past summer at Meg Swansen's Knitting Camp. I pulled my hair out assuming something was wrong with me. But it wasn't me. It's the pattern. Once you can find a way to rectify that, it's smooth sailing from there. A very fun knit.

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Looks fantastic! The "musician" stitch pattern of the yoke is all the more appropriate knowing he is a singer! As a cellist, I couldn't resist a gansey stitch called "musician"!

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That's way cool. A gansey is on my list, but I'm still working my way up to it.

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Stunning and very beautiful!!!

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A gorgeous gansey! I like the pattern which shows very well in the lighter colour. Clive has done a great job and can be proud of this jumper. I think that if he is going to produce such beautiful knitwear he needs to join MWK!

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Just great. I can't wait to start mine. It make me want to do one even more.