YO at end of row...

Hey guys....I started knitting a swatch of a single motif in the lace pattern I chose (http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/mystic-forest). One row of the pattern says to yarn over at the end. If its meant to increase a stitch, how will it do this if there isn't a stitch left to knit after it. Specifically I'm talking about row 27.

Thanks guys.


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Hi there!
I just looked at the pattern and I am certainly no expert, but you'll see that there is a YO at the end of the rows 27 through 35. I didn't read all the pattern, but if you are knitting this in the round, perhaps it's just that you need to do a YO just before your stitch marker. This way you are adding a stitch just before you begin the next round. I don't have any experience with this magnitude of a project, but thought I'd try to help. Make sure you post it when you are finished, I'm sure it will be beautiful!


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You will have two selvedge stitches to knit after the yarn over. There are two stitches at the beginning and two at the end that are not included in the directions.

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Thanks! I forgot to cast the selvedge stitches on since i'm only doing the repeat pattern once. I haven't started the entire project; just wanted to get through one repeat and see if i came across any problems. Should I just YO before the last K1, keeping in mind that this is just a swatch and won't have a border.

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If this is just a swatch, you could add on an extra stitch after the yo and get rid of it later by k2tog. If you do the yo before it should be done you will distort the pattern. Unless you are doing the swatch for measurement. Then put it where you want..

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Perfect! Thanks so much! Should have thought of that.

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Hehe, there were no replies when I saw the post, and by the time I finished writing, you'd already answered it!

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Hi -

I think the issue is solved in the first of the notes: "The center section pattern and chart are given without the selvedge stitches and two edge stitches."

In the "Centre Section" notes it says:

"Start each RS and WS row by slipping the selvedge st purlwise with yarn in front and knitting 2 sts, then repeat the chart or text pattern 3 times and end with 3 knitted sts."

"Purl all the WS rows except those 3 sts at both ends."

The devil is in the details. :)

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Edwin, Don't quote me, but in looking at the pattern it looks like that is a pattern repeat row, meaning back to the beg, where it says K1. Read the "centre Section" ..that might be helpful. I hope it works oiut bedause that is a beautiful piece of work. Let me know... Bill

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Thanks for the help guys...finished the swatch...looks good. I'll post a pic, looks like I have a slight problem knitting tighter on one end...the lace isn't as loose in one half.