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It has been a very long time since I posted on here. Missed it actually. Thought of it often. Anyhoo, since the last post so much has happened in my personal life. Far too much tragedy. Had to see a therapist and a few weeks ago, after months of strugglng, she pointed out that great strides have been made and asked that one question that I never seem to be able to answer. How do you manage to get through all the stress? I just sat there dumbfounded and after a couple of minutes of running the question through my brain I guess I got the words all confused and in a totally different order because the question no longer made sense and I had to ask her to repeat the question because I did not understand the context. Silly woman I thought, how could I not understand this? Even after repeating it though, I still didn't have an answer. I thought, I just do. Weeks later and after much contemplation I think I get it. I think I have an answer. I spin therefore I knit. When knitting you don't think of anything else except counting.

I am grateful for spinning because I have an unlimited supply of yarn and knitting helped me keep my sanity locked away instead of losing it. I learned to breathe and to count to 10. Actually I now count as knit 1 purl2 knit1 purl 2 or any combination of that. The highest I got to was while making a basket weave scarf so that was knit 5 purl 5 and then vice verse. The point is knitting and spinning really helped me and I'm sure that it helps so many others as well. I've dubbed the basket weave scarf as the Waiting Room scarf bacause that is where I needed to knit the most. The last thing a parent wants to be thinking of while their child is in jeopardy is what is happening on the other side of that door. So I knit. I knit alot. I knit lace. I knit plain. I knit aran and I now knit fair isle.

Since September 2011 I got my knit on. Bring on 2012 because I got a set of Knit Pick Harmony Options for Christmas and I can manage.

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I'm sorry to hear that the last few months have been such a trial but I'm glad to hear that you had a coping mechanism. And a wonderfully productive one to boot. I hope the new year brings better times to you and yours.

Good luck, and here's wishing you some Light and Love for 2012

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During times of stress, and there have been quite a few in the recent past, I always spin. Moving can be the most stressful thing I can do, and I always took time during all that hectic fury of events to spin a little. And I always spin the very first moments in the new place. It then will be "home" if I can get the wheel out and I can be quiet for a few moments. There was a time that I kept a small spindle in my desk at work, and every day at lunch, I would take it out and spin for even a few minutes. It helped me cope with the rest of the day. I now have a takli at work, and it has come out of its hiding place a few times recently!

I can't tell you why it does that, but as you said, I believe it is because we need to focus on the task at hand, the spinning or the knitting, and leave the rest of the world with all its worries aside, and just concentrate on this. They do tell us when meditating to concentrate on just one thing -- and I could never do that. Things, pictures, sounds just kept popping in all the time. But when I spin or knit, they can't get in. Then I can truly be quiet and be peaceful for just a few moments. And that's all I need.

So keep a plain knit scarf, dishcloth, whatever on hand for just plaiin "meditation" knitting. It can be any plain pattern you like, or something more complicated so you have to concentrate on what your hands are doing, but keep it at the ready, for those times you need to be still and quiet.

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Such a great story about bringing yourself to a place of peace amongst all of the trials and tribulations. I knit to find calm in the midst of a sometime turbulant time. I have practiced yoga for more than 10 years and along with knitting it is a perfect combination for quieting the mind. Thanks for sharing that. A problem shared is a problem cut in half. Recovery is a on-going process, never complete. Peace to You!! Bill

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Hope you have a much better New Year, filled with Blessings. You are right about knitting and spinning soothing the helped me through some tough times, too.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.