Santa wants me to knit.

Or so it would seem, based on my receiving nice gift certificates to a couple different yarn stores. They'll keep me busy for some time, unless I suddenly have the urge to work in cashmere. Highly unlikely.
Unfortunately, or not so unfortunately, I had already added to my growing yarn stash the day before Christmas. Seems that a fabric store in my parents' town is discontinuing their knitting department and had discounted their entire inventory. (It's hard to pass up Noro at 50% off. I went a little nuts.)
So I definitely have my work cut out for me.. but my yarn supply is outpacing my idea supply.
Unless I come to my senses, I think I may see my first sweater project in 2012.
Happy new year


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And where is this fabric store? Good luck with your stash and have fun with a sweater!

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The store is in San Luis Obispo, California. I'm sad to see them close the yarn business since they had a pretty broad range of fibers to choose from. The town is left with a quite yummy yarn store in an old adobe building next to the old Spanish mission (this of course means they're tres chic and tres chere), and NordicMart, the DROPS store, which carries only DROPS yarn. Oh I suppose there's a JoAnn's somewhere around but I prefer the LYS.