Scarf ended abruptly

Hi Guys,
I was almost done with my scarf. Maybe 10 rows left, I had company over and they brought their 18 mos old monster. Somehow the baby got to my knitting removing the circulars and unraveling the scarf beyond repair. CAN YOU IMAGINE!?! I wanted to scream. My friends apologized profusely but they could still see the anger on my face. The wanted to pay for the scarf but I didn't let them. Needless to say they ended the visit quickly and apologized again once they got home.

I can laugh now...but I wanted to remove his

Well let me start anew on a different pattern.

Happy New Years!!!


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Why people can't make their kids behave when they come to your house is beyond me. When I was younger, My Mom would take us places we knew not to touch other peoples things. I guess it is up to the parents to.
Oh well, Just chalk it up as a learning experience. Try A New.
A New Year, A New Scarf.
Next time put it up on the shelf away from little fingers.

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Young children seem to have a strong desire to destroy things. I think it is how they "explore". Personally, I've never had a toddler in my apartment. There is way to much a pet or young child can destroy.

Lifelines can help in case of a needle drop. I leapfrog two every 6-10 rows in any project. If a needle slides out or there is some accident, the yarn will only unravel so far. It's not child proof, but it's a good idea.

I'm sorry it happened. Good luck on your next project!

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OMG! After all the time put into a project, that is heart breaking and maddening. My home is "not" child proof, soooo children and larger dogs have to walk on egg shells or stay home.. Peace and Happy New Year! Bill

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Awww...I hear children are tasty when ground up and marinated in a good vinaigrette....:)

But I can sympathize with the kid too - I think of the things I did when I was 1 1/2 or 2 years entire box of Grandma's french bath powder down the cold air return... pretty marks gleefully gouged in mom's wooden coffee table (they "looked like birthday candles!")... I seemed to have a thing for chewing up crayons and spitting them in multicolored piles on the carpet... and my favorite one, blowing into ashtrays! :)))) 1 1/2 is really young, knitting's interesting, and unraveling is SO much fun! I think if you're a parent of a kid that age, keeping certain things away from them is second nature.

Sorry it was irretrievable though!

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You have my sympathy. I am glad that you can laugh at it now and use it to move on to other designs. I hope the parents realize that it isn't too early to begin teaching their child proper "company manners". That is...don't touch things until you are given permission. My dear friend had her son trained by 2 years old and it never stifled his curiosity or need to explore.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

You have got to be a better human being than me. I think I would've made them pay. Then I would've used the money for some really fancy splurge yarn. Fun, fun, fun!

They definitely have a good friend in you! Hope you have a wonderful new year!


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Even though it was a horrid thing to discover, I would love to have seen the absolute delight on the child's face as he realized that all this stuff (yarn) was coming out of one place and it was fun to do! The innocence of youth certainly does test the years of wisdom with which we all pride ourselves. Maybe a little cough medicine in his juice might help too. Ha!


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Reminds of the time freinds of ours dog ruined a really good rug by knocking a lit votive off a coffee table. I didn't want to hurt their feelings but I couldn't believe how inconsideriate they were for not suppervising their animal better. We stopped inviting thier dogs over shortly there after though I'm not sure you can do that with children.

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When you are not used to having children around, you don't know what kind of trouble they can get into. That is why grandma's always tend to put everything out of reach.

But since knitting is so much fun, think of all the extra knitting time you will get to finish a scarf! Gotta look on the bright side somehow!! The finished scarf is not the goal, is it? The knitting is!

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Frustrating, and you certainly wonder why the parents didn't supervise their kid better. Guess things happen...

The offer to pay is kind of funny though. I've had people offer to pay me for my knitting. I tell them they couldn't afford what it's worth. If I charged a reasonable hourly fee for the time it took me to make something, they'd laugh or cry or something. When you can buy a machine knit sweater for ten or twenty bucks on sale, and maybe fifty regular price, and it takes me a couple of hundred hours to make one by hand? Well, you do the math.

"All knitting is just one stitch at a time."