Happy 2012! Do you have a fiber resolution?

I do. Last year for my birthday the kids bought me a spinning wheel. And a lovely wheel it is, despite it's layer of dust. So, this year, I resolve to pull the spinning wheel back out, dusting her off and learning more about spinning. Someday I hope to have an addiciton to my own hand spun and died yarns in addition to all the other stuff I tend to buy.

My other resolution is due to my relatively stress free Christmas this year. I was able to get all Christmas knitting done by Thanksgiving this year and then was able to do two large projects before the new year that were for my own enjoyment. That got me to thinking that this year again I would like to have a concept of what I would like to make the family and friends and dig in early again this year. Any thoughts what I could do covertly next year? This year was lace shawls for those that would like them and good sturdy thick socks for the others (Many of them are ranchers).

So, what are your 2012 fiber resolutions? And more importantly, I wish you all a year of peace and sereneity as you move through the year one stitch at a time and get to don beautiful and warm hand knits.



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I am glad there is not a soul in my family who does not like hand knit socks. My resolution, like other years, is not to spend 5 minutes working on something I don't like to knit. So much knitting so few years.
Warmest wishes to you too, Quinton. I hope 2012 is full of love and peace for you and yours.

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im resolving to knit more than i already do (which isnt a lot), and donote my creations to people and charities who can benefit from it. im also hoping to find a local knitting group in my area :D

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Mine is to make my Christmas gifts and extra baby gifts throughout the year so I'm not struggling last minute anymore.

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Happy New Year, Q! My resolution is to figure out how to use the camera you so kindly gave me and learn how to post photos. The big challenge is that I use public computers. Luckily, I have several resources to brainstorm resolutions with.

Oh, and to be a better knitter.

ETA: Good luck with the spinning. I'll be glad to give any tips I can, along with moral support.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Learning to spin---oh my oh my---I remember my first attempts---then someone showed me, in slo-motion, how it worked and how to use my hands and the BIG LIGHT DAWNED---then with a few months of practice and experimentation, I became a devoted spinner and pretty good at it, too. Point being, don't try it all alone, and spinning is like knitting, everyone does it a little differen and you will eventually find YOUR best way. And have fun doing it!!!!

I have 2 fiber resolutions this year. The first is to use up all the acrylic yarn (I know, what was i thinking?) and start using better, natural yarns. The second is to learn more about the fiber's characteristic (drape well?, itchy?).

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I had a bunch of acrylic yarn that I kept avoiding last year. Instead of making myself use it on projects I knew I wouldn't be happy with, I donated it. Lots of charity knitting groups would love to have it for preemie caps, nursing home items (lap blankets, etc.), dog blankets, etc. If you're itching (sorry) to use more natural fibers, that may be a good way to clear space in your stash storage.

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I need to knit more with my hand spun.