A New Beginning

Hi. Happy New Year. Hope all of you had a good holiday. On Monday, I start Prosthetic Technician classes at the local community college. Knitting will take a back seat to my school work and new training. I have to put the yarn physically out of reach. There are about half a dozen things I'd like to knit and techniques to learn and practice. I'll probably just have time to knit one tiny row a week. Anyway, once school is over, I hope to have a bit more time to knit....Onward everyone whatever you knit or do.... Cullen


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Good luck in your studies. When I studied and worked I always made sure I spent at least 15 - 20 minutes a day knitting. I often set my alarm early so I would have the time. It was my focal point of the day and allowed me to see where I was going and where I had been. I sure hope you can manage more than 1 row a week.

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Good Luck

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Hi Cullen,

Several years ago I was in graduate school in Boulder, Colorado. The pottery studio where I threw pots was a few miles out of town, and I didn't have a car. Gratefully, Boulder is very bike-able, and there was a bus on those occasions when I was too tired to bike. Deep into my first year I began to have the realization that full time graduate school, part time working, and a twenty minute commute to the studio was not going to work. Sadly, I realized I needed to stop throwing on a regular basis, that pottery was going to be something that I would have to give up while I was in graduate school (I was in school for counseling psychology). So, instead of throwing on a regular basis, I only went on those rare occasions when I had time (usually Saturday night after work). And guess what happened? Much to my surprise, my pottery skills jumped up a notch and lo and behold, I began throwing better pots that I ever had before - even though I had less time. Giving up on it and letting it go - it all came back to me. That pottery studio became my refuge - even if it meant throwing pots at 10 pm on a Saturday night (with a beer, and snow falling outside - sigh, those were the days!).

I totally understand having to put yarn and needles away because it is so very comforting to pick them up when you have other things to do. My unsolicited advice? Don't put them too far out of reach. Knitting a few rows here and there may actually GET you through school, not prevent you from studying. And who knows? Maybe you'll figure out a few new techniques on a Saturday night when you're cross eyed from too much reading and your head's about to explode!

Good luck,
Jonathan in DC

Think less, enjoy it more.

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Good luck with the new career. And I agree with Jonathon...set up a regular time for you to knit. Even if only from 10 to 12 on Sunday morning....that's what a stress management counselor told me, so that time slot became my time "just for me" - enjoying Dr. Who on PBS. Anyone breaking into "my" time slot learned the hard way that I would not be interrupted. Eventually, they all learned to wait until after noon. Hmmmm...maybe I need to start doing that again...it certainly helped reduce my stress levels.

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