After about two and a half weeks of working on this cowl I finished all the stitching and had only two things left to do. 1. Pick up the provisional cast on stitches and 2. graft the two ends together. Well, I started the project with a 2x2 rib knit and did not pick up the stitches correctly. I'm going to have to either start over or find some way to pick every stitch back up on the original cast on. I've been trying to pick them back up since last night and have failed every time... looks like I'm starting over.


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This might help you:

Glad you are doing it and not me!!

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Last night was spent contemplating whether to truly start over or see if there was a remedy to my situation, my decision was that there was indeed in fact no remedy to my mess, so I have to start over. It was too late for me to start casting on again, so I decided to look at knitting videos on youtube, and in my exploring different knitting videos I stumbled on to my problem. I did not know that when my grandmother taught me the knit stitch, she taught me the WRONG knitting stitch. When I thought I had been doing a regular knit stitch I had in fact been doing the twisted knit stitch. The twisting of the yarn is what made picking up the cast on stitches and what led to my ultimate withdrawal from at attempt. At least that is the excuse I am going to use.

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Some people have to twist their knit stitches because they purl differently. But everything is right - just know what you are doing and how to use it.

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Ah, well, another situation where correct instruction is necessary if you expect to repeat what someone has written in a pattern. It is not so much that you are doing it WRONG as much as it doesn't match up with what others are doing, and therefore you cannot follow the patterns as they are written. You need to re-write the instructions, and unless you are experienced enough in BOTH methods, you are not going to be able to do that.

As I've said before, there is always a fix for whatever problem you have. Now that you have identified where you went "wrong", it is easy enough to fix. You are going to have to reproduce the twisted stitch when you are doing the grafting. Not a really difficult thing to do, but it means you have to develop your own directions since what we would normally do for grafting is just not going work. And it's really hard for me to explain what you are going to have to do when I can't really see what it is you have there. I think that in this case, you should be able to do a graft, in whatever method, and it will still be okay. Only upon close examination will someone see that the stitches are not twisted, but who is going to do that? So I would say to just go ahead and graft in whatever way you know how, and it should be okay. I also think that the stitches are not going to match up exactly on the edges -- don't sweat it.

I still want to encourage all of you to take a class whenever you can. There are many classes being offered at your LYS and at conferences all across this land. It doesn't matter much what knitted item they are teaching. You will learn that there are many ways to do the same thing, and that while you may be doing it "wrong", it will still work. It also means that you need to learn how to interpret the patterns into your own personal method. And you never know, you just may learn an alternative to what you are doing now, and sometimes it might be a better way. Always be open to new ideas!