Pic of Hat

here is a pic of the hat (finally) that I was having so much trouble doing the decreases. It came out just as it should...trust the pattern...

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Paul. Looks great. I like the way the decreases turned out. I don't believe I have seen any other like this pattern...Bill

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Great looking hat.

Kerry's picture

Looks good Paul, interesting pattern on top.

Joe-in Wyoming's picture

The hat looks great. The pattern created by the decrease section is definitely different, in a most interesting way.

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I really like this hat....well done

AKQGuy's picture

Great work. I think it's a rather slick looking hat.

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Bravo, Paul! I share in your struggle and in your success. Mine looks similar, but I like your color choice better. Well done!

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Good needle work!! i like the pattern

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Job well done Paul. I really like the pattern.

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Looks great - I love that decrease pattern!

Grace and peace,

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Very cool!!! If I do a search for Jacques Cousteau hat will I find the pattern?

Very nice!

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Looks pretty spectacular! Thanks for sharing the photo