OT...Knitting time

I have some news, we (my partner and I) have purchased a holiday home on Big Tancook Island here in Nova Scotia. Lucy Neatby lives just around the corner from us. The Ferry ride is 1 hour each way so I will get lots of knitting done. lol


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Congratulations! How wonderfully exciting (or better: relaxing and rejuvenating)

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Dennis, I am really happy for you guys. Congratulations.

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Oh !!! How wonderful. What a way to enjoy life. Congratulations to you both. If I was closer, I would come and visit. Enjoy your new adventure.

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Beautiful place to live, Dennis!
I just checked out the island on Google maps. So pretty. It looks like you have a lot of open space there. It will surely be a lovely place to relax and just enjoy the clicking of needles and watching for an osprey or two. When's the open house? :)


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Congrats Dennis, Sounds perfectly cozy and comfy. A wonderful place to do a few Winter afghans!! Send us a pic. .... Enjoy, Bill

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Congratulations on this purchase. What a great place to spend time - and with Lucy right around the corner! I'd spend all my time with her! I love her DVDs and have learned so much from them.

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Maybe we could have a knitting retreat there. Boy would that take some ingeneous moves, flight to Halifax, a bus into town and on down to Chester an hours ferry ride and a 45 min walk from the wharf to the cottage lol.

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Congratulations, gentlemen. I hope you have many wonderful hours there. Perhaps you can have regular teatimes with Ms. Neatby. Think of the knowledge you could share back and forth.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Congratulations Dennis.

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Sounds brilliant!

"All knitting is just one stitch at a time."

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Congratulations on your new place!!!!! Lucy is a great bonus. Can't wait to see pics. :-)

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the closing date is Feb 28th, I will post a pic then

What a dream........