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My lace knitting journey continues. I finished the caps and blogged about it. Thought I might give them as gifts but then decided to keep them. Now I've actually moved on to knitting a cardigan. The pattern is Kelmscott by Carol of Sunday knits. The yarn recommended is of course one of the reasons I chose this pattern. It is an angora/merino blend, which is pretty much all I do in handspun. The oatmeal colour is fantastic too since I have fawn angoras and therefore plenty of fibre in that shade naturally. Has anyone had any experience with patterns from Sunday Knits? Looking at the pic of the cardigan any tips for a not so experienced knitter?

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That looks lovely! Remember that any knitting is still working one stitch at a time. All knitting is not hard, as long as you follow the directions and do exactly what is written. Don't make up new stitches! Be sure to get the gauge YOU need for YOUR yarn and you will be fine. It is going to take a while to complete, but this is not a race. It looks like there is a bit of lace there (which is very simple to do) and a couple of bobbles (which are not that hard) so you just need to keep plodding along and you will get it completed. Merino/angora blend would be sooooo nice to work with!! I do have a small box of angora and want to get to it one day, when I have the time and when I can find that box.

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That looks like a great pattern and a good matchup with your yarn. My only suggestion is that you may need to reinforce the button loops as they look a bit thin for the stress they'll experience in actually wearing the sweater. Just buttonhole stitching over them with the same yarn would do the trick. I like the way that the buttons echo the bobbles; that's a nice design touch.

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