A Men's Knitting Group

Hello all.

Am working with a LYS to investigate and maybe form a men's knitting group in my area.

We currently have a group called Pints and Purls that meets at the local brewpub on monday nights to well have some pints and purls. We have seen a few guys show up now and again. Sometimes they are just come alongs with their wifves/girlfriends etc.

My question is while it would be cool to get a group together, whats the focus, what are the expectations. Looking for impressions from those of you who participate in such!

Keep trying, at my shop we have a few men show up from time to time. They are still a little nervous. We are in a small southwestern town and gender barriers are well established. I tend to break them all, but I don't care. One area that we have had great success is with teenagers. My daughter has a teen night where they watch various programs, eat popcorn, gossip, and knit. Several young men attend that programming, and many of them crochet. Not sure why crochet appeals more to that group, but it does! Other than myself I have one other male that regularly attends out Friday night Knit Nite.

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Thanksfor the pointers we have had at one time 5 or 6 guys, most of whom knit ot crotchet. they never show up regularly.. but they do, just dont know if we would have enough guys to form just a guys group. Thats why I was wondering what might be the hook? Maybe a "guy" project a month?? Just to keep the ideas flowing? I guess my point is while a guys group would be i think they are way more comfortable with the pints purls group afterall beer is involved the game is on the multiple TV's...maybe baby steps this year and try to attract more guys.

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Curious what a guys project would look like? I do have a pattern for a Mohawk Hat that I would love to try. Might be of interest to guys.


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There are a few guys who join us for pints and purls who might start to knit, but are usually turned off by socks, shawls, mittens etc. So I have looked back at the things I have made for myself that are useful and "masculine"

Beer Socks (Never call them cozies)
Laptop bag
Bootliners (felted slippers)
fingerless gloves (lets you use tools while still gloved)
Boot Socks/Hunters socks substantial but simple mens socks in something durable and worsted :) no fancy sock yarn...

And I think I am really just trying to get more guys knitting rather than forming a knitters group. One of the LYS is going tosponser a "guys" project with a selection of suitable yarns and materials. They will offer some Learn to knit classes which I will be teaching, offering a discount to guys who purchase the projects/materials....

So maybe my focus has changed but the end result will be more men who knit in the Lehigh Valley and join us on Mondays for Pints and Purls

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