Went to my first knitters/crocheters group

So on Tuesday I went to my very first knitters/crocheters group meeting and I had a positive experience. Sadly I was the only male there. If I hadn't told a friend about it, I would have been the youngest person too. Everyone there was very friendly and inviting. I blew their mind when I revealed that I was both a knitter and a crocheter. Only one woman there was able to work both hook and needles, the rest were could only crochet. I got to show the ladies a few crocheting tricks I picked up watching youtube tutorials and they loved them, one of the ladies told said she hated me because she liked one trick so much that she was going to have to unravel her project and start over using what I showed her. The funniest point in of the group meeting was when the librarian came over to do a head count and set the date for next month's meeting and saw me sitting there with needles in my hands. She kept repeating, "Oh my goodness, you have a boy. You have a boy, how exciting!" She was so excited to see me there that she forgot the tasks she had gone over to do. When the meeting ended we all said our goodbyes and everyone said they hoped to see us back next month. I'm looking forward to next month's meeting.


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That is just wonderful. Glad that you were so accepted and welcomed. Most Fiber Arts people are very nice and friendly. Just goes to show you that it is true.

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Welcome to the world of most knitting groups. I'm often the only male present [although there are a few other men who come when they can] but the main thing is to share our common love of the craft/art. I hope you enjoy yourself immensely.

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I too went to my first gathering of yarn crafters. One of the local yarn stores has an informal get together every Thursday evening. I'm sure they hope to some of their yard and needles, but there was no presser to buy. Most in this group were knitters, ages from 18-80. There was another man there and the women seemed delighted to have us. I enjoyed myself and will probably go back. It's good to have someone to talk to that shares you interests.