Just finished these "Glomitts" for my Father-in-Laws Birthday this week.

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Those are great!
I'm visiting my daughter in Boston...and it's snowing!
Warm mitts would feel good right now...

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Excellent job! I have seen this type of mitten on a couple people and I think they are tremendous...fingers when you need them, warmth when you need that. Well done!


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Wow, those are like the very definition of nifty! Those would be great for biking on cold mornings...what's the pattern?

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Those are really well done! I've had two pairs and have always threatened to make myself a pair ("I could make those") and do them out of good quality wool, not some acrylic blend. Haven't gotten that far yet.

I really like the long cuffs. That is one thing I find mittens always lack, and the cold wind always finds that little bit of exposed arm! I'm sure the FIL will really appreciate them.

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Those are great! I also prefer extra long cuffs since the wind seems to find any gap and blow up a coat sleeve.

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Great idea and great execution!