Domino Knitting

I have always wanted to try Domino knitting. Well I finally decided it was time to do it. Here is the shawl that I have started, I can't wait to get it done to see what it is going to be like. I also did a hat. It is addicting, once you start you just want to continue on and on.

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Very nice Bill. It is an addictive project. I started one with leftover sock yarn. It is fun to see it grow.

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I have lots of leftover sock yarn. Idea now what to do with it.
Thank You

Cool stuff! i know all about the addictive quality of domino knitting.
On my last piece I often stayed up until 2AM because I had to do
JUST ONE MORE!! Like eating potato chips! Your shawl will be finished in no time!

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Very nice. I've never heard of domino knitting but after seeing your beautiful work my curiosity is aroused. Thinking I'm going to have to start searching on how to do it and try it out for self here.

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I got the book. It is Domino Knitting by Vivian Hoxbro.

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Thanks for this post, Bill, and thanks for mentioning the name of the book. I’ve just ordered it from the library.

Here’s a review by Library Journal Reviews for anyone interested:

“Domino knitting is a type of "modular knitting," with knitted squares and strips building on one another to form a larger piece-just as in the game dominoes are placed next to one another to create a larger whole. Fun, eminently portable, and requiring nothing more than a knowledge of the basic knit and purl stitches, this technique has been popularized in recent years by Horst Schultz, whose Patchwork Knitting first attracted Hfxbro to the craft. While inspirational, Schultz's book is not the best choice for neophytes. Knitters wishing to master this technique would be well advised to work through this little book instead. A Danish knitwear designer with an obvious knack for teaching, Hfxbro instructs through a series of colorful potholder projects. Teaching sessions are followed by a number of projects using the technique and include both garments and accessories for the home. Recommended for large public libraries and textile collections.” Copyright 2002 Cahners Business Information.

All the best, Tom

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Very Nice. Is it posible to get the pattern for the hat?

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I just made up the pattern.
I made the 8 domino squares in a row. Joined the ends together. Picked up 96 stitches on the bottom. Did ribbing of k1,p1.
Then picked up the 96 stitches and did the decrease on the top.
K8, p2tog around. Knit the next row.
K7,p2tog. knit the next row.
rep these 2 rows. Decreasing one stitch every other row.
Down to 8 stitches.
Draw yarn through stitches and closed. AMEN.

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Very nice, Bill. I had a similar hat project in mind several years ago bit ended up scrapping it when the top half-diamond wouldn't work out the way I wanted it to. I may go back to it some day but it isn't a priority. A domino shawl out of sock yarn remnants is very cool...there are several examples I've seen while reading blogs.

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