Reading Cooking Essays As Family Bonding Time

I have been married for the past six years now and my husband and I have the most adorable and lovable daughter in the whole world. She is now five years old and just started studying in pre-school. As expected from a child at this age, she is very naughty and she loves doing or impersonating what she sees on us.

Althea is a very charming little girl. That's why we love her so much. Of course, as her parents, we are so proud of her. Every parent must be proud of his/her child. Who doesn't, right? As little as she is, she already loves to bake. She loves being in the kitchen very much. Whenever we cook at our kitchen, she's always there with us. Me and my husband love to cook, I guess that's one thing our daughter inherited from us.

As parents, we let our daughter cook with us. But we make sure that she's safe in the kitchen and all the sharp utensils are far from her. We just want her to learn and enjoy. Besides, this is one thing she loves to do and she'll learn from this too. Every time we cook or bake, we make sure that we teach her simple things and let her mix ingredients or just taste what we cook. We use cookbooks or read some cooking essays just for her to learn some things. This is one of the best times we enjoy as a family. We bond through our kitchen and at the same time our daughter learns from us.


At that age I had bonded with the women in my family through learning to knit and although they are now departed I still have the connection through the needles.