Um....sweater is done....:)))))

So I finished my sweater (Jared Flood, Brownstone). It turned out enormous. Not so much in length but around, where the gauge was spot on. It was like a tent. I'm 6'2", not exactly skinny, but there was maybe 8 inches of "ease," to put it euphemistically.

Since it was 50% acrylic, 50% wool, non-pilling yarn that was supposed to be machine-washable, a friend suggested that I wash it in hotter water, to see if I could get a bit of shrinkage, though she expressed doubt that it would really help much.

Welll....I'm now the proud owner of a beautifully felted Brownstone that will eventually be the property of some lucky 8-year-old!

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I'm sorry but that is funny. But it looks good none the less.

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What a hoot. This is when we need a sense of humour. My mother used to take the sweater off of her needles and try it on the person she was knitting it for. I have always done that and it saves a lot of work.
The colour you chose is beautiful and I really do like felted sweaters. However, I think it would be hard to knit one. I believe you would have to knit rectangles, felt them, and then cut our the individual pieces and sew them together. Try again and don't give up.

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Wow! You have my Sympathy. You have taught us all a good lesson.

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Oh, that is funny -- and sad. I would never think I could shrink a too-large sweater to make it fit! There are other ways that are easier and better. However --- it's done now!

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is there such thing as a felted belly shirt? It's sad but educational... It's saducational!
Try again because the scale model mock up looks great.

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Oh, I thought it was funny too. :) I wasn't all that upset, as it was really not wearable as it was anyway, and I sure didn't feel like ripping back, or steeking, ripping off sleeves, shortening, reattaching. This is supposed to be fun after all!

So I'll either use it as felted fabric for another project (could be a good hat in there) or give it to a kid. though I'm not sure any kids have quite those proportions....!

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Owning my loud guffaw when I read the post. [Luckily, the librarian is a good friend.] I feel bad that it happened but equally glad that you are taking it in stride and laughing with us. Maybe you can find a teddy bear in need of a lovely felted sweater. Or restyle it into one of those short felted Alpine jackets from Germany/Austria.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

bobinthebul's picture mean like this? :)

From Knittin'
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Dear Bob - I didn't think you could improve on the hilarity of the original post. Boy-howdy*, was I wrong. The photo of the trial as a hat make me giggle, but this photo is priceless! I commend the struggle you went through to squeeze into the sweater. However, I was thinking of one of the open front vests/jackets that have the chains draped across the chest to act as closures. Thanks for another big laugh.

*How's that for a "western-ism"?

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Getting it off again was even more fun, let me tell you!

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I don't doubt that for a moment. Perhaps you can moonlight as a contortionist someday...putting that sweater on and off a few times would definitely be practice.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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If it's any consolation you are seriously cute with that bemused smile. Besides, I can't tell you how many hats I've felted to unwearable proportions - live and learn.

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I dunno, it's large but I think rather fetching. ;)

From Knittin'
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Quite fetching!

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I knew someone once that was able to save a just felted alpaca sweater with very aggressive steam blocking and amazingle it fitt her better afterward. Unfortunately I don't think it was felted to the same degree. I'm sorry... You are coming around to humor a little faster than I would have I think. I would get to humor, I would just take a little more time. In the words of a good friend in response to her son's "thats funny Mom" as she overlooked the destruction of a mink coat by the dogs... "not yet kiddo, not yet".

Good luck with the replacement sweater? I think that one could make a wonderful felted bag:

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You are just too funny, we all have disaters, I had one last week, or was iot the week before? I have so many I can't remember lol.

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those pics are hilarious.
My first attempt at a hat knitted in the round ended up being passed around among friends and photographed on various dogs and dolls. At first I wasn't amused..

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Well done, Bob! That's the funniest knitting project I've ever seen.

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That's hysterical! Did you photograph the sweater before you felted it? If you're 6'2", it's amazing how the sleeves barely shortened up but the body definitely, uh, lost some length. I hope you find an owner for it and damn, good for you for being so positive about the whole experience!

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I say morph it into a bag and use the sleeves to make the straps and pockets...

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That could work! :) My new knitting bag!

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You gave me the best chuckle I have had all day. Thanks for sharing your story. I give you credit for maintaining a good sense of humor about the whole thing. That's a lot of work to have it shrink that much, especially since it was half acrylic. Moral of the story: Don't get washing instructions from friends who didn't invest the time in making the garment! Ha!

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I heard they we're knitting for the penguins. You could consider. (tee-hee)
A learning experience.

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Oh no! Shame on that friend of yours!!!!! ;) ;) ;)

Haha -- that's right. Perfect for some 8 year old.

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and THIS is the reason that I avoid knitting anything that really has to fit :-) Your good humour and the pics really made my day, Bob. I'm sorry that it was at the expense of you now being the proud owner of a sweater for a rather unusual child. - Phil

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A knuckle dragging child. Perhaps donate it to a zoo for an orphaned chimp?

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Oh, Turkish moms are nothing if not enterprising; sleeves can be turned back, or just cut to size. I doubt it would unravel very easily at this point. ;)

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OMG!! Thanks for your sense of humor...Something that is definately necessary. Not to be frustated and find humor in a finished product gone bad is a tremendous advantage in the craft... The pics are quite funny!

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One of the reasons I chose a relatively simple sweater was that it was my first and I figure there was a pretty good chance for a screwup, so it wasn't that big a deal. Also, sort of like in gardening, a lot of the fun for me is in the doing rather than the having. I watched it take shape, learned how it went together, and if I do another, I'll know the right questions to ask to avoid another stylish tent (or baby orangutan garment). ;)

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Awesome. Just awesome. And your sense of humor about it is inspiring--I would be in tears.