Some more FO

Here are a few things I have finished for Family members

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They are all look great. The receipients were lucky people.

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Lovely knitting, as always, Dennis.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Such beautiful work, Dennis. Is the scarf double knit or is it knit in the round? You are amazing.

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Yes Ron, it is my first attempt at double knitting. The sides are not as neat as I would like but I guess it will come in time. The scarf is for my sister in law who has a couple of miniture horses she enters into local celebrations and parades. All the other girls got lace shawls but she is not the lacy sort lol.

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Lovely looking collection Dennis.

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Such lovey stuff - how can I become a family member?

chipsir's picture

What you mean are family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Beautiful work. Such a neat job. I wish I was a family member.

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I'm not sure how I overlooked this post earlier but I'm glad I found it. Wonderful work. I hope they appreciate these as much as they should.

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Thanks fellows, I can say the family really do appreciate my gifts and it is very satisfying to knit for them....that is all except that *%^+@* Haapsula shawl with its 1000's of nupps lol.

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nice.. especially love the ribbed beanie

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Where oh where did you find the running horse chart? Or did you chart it yourself? As an avid mustang (car) owner I MUST make myself one!

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Really nice work, Dennis! I just finished a second Jacques Cousteau hat and am pleased that it looks like yours! I really enjoy looking deep into your work to see the excellence of a such a talented artisan. Thanks for sharing them.

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Beautiful stuff, Dennis! You are a real master of this craft. Beautiful!