Lace Knitting

3 months Cape Town has produced this dressing gown

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Looks comfy - I am assuming cotton?

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100%wool very snuggly

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Beautiful work - and in three months. Wow. And you look so handsome in lace.

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You shoukd wait until I take it off,it will bring tears to your eyes.

Very Nice!

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That is a great looking piece of lacework. Congratulations.

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Really amazing workmanship! And here I am getting frustrated because I can't find a shrug pattern I like, or figure out the ones that I do like. I envy you being in Cape Town, it's someplace I have always wanted to go, with a stopover in Kenya. What type of wool did you use?

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100 % plain new wool from a company called Elle, colour ecru

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Gosh - that's incredible!

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THat is spectacular...where did you find the pattern?

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It is known as lace entre lace. not at home, at the airport on my. I'll keep in touch and post the basic pattern once at home.