2 at time toe up socks

Hey fellas,
I like Melissa Morgan-Oakes's book 2 at a time socks so much becuase its made for perfectly matched socks I decided to try out the toe up method.
At this point, I only have 2" finished and am about to start the pattern (texture, no color) and a little excited to see how this works.
I started learning this method because of the short rows used in the heel and so far, I haven't really used short rows (and the necessary wrap to go with it) and am really excited to use them more.
Anybody have a preference in toe up or ankle down?


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It's always fun to learn something new -good luck. I hope you enjoy it.

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Mine is top down...but only because I haven't knit any toe up. Still, as I tell people while helping with toe up, all socks are made up of the same sections: cuff, leg, heel, gusset, foot, and toe. The only difference is which direction you work them.

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It all comes down to a matter of preference. As Joe says, socks are all made up the same parts, and it really doesn't matter if you go up or down.

I prefer to do them from the toe up mainly because I never know if I will have enough yarn. I usually make them of limited quantities of yarn, and with larger feet, you need more than is in those small balls of yarn made for socks. When you hand-spin your own yarn, that is doubly dangerous, for I often don't have any more of the same fibre. And I also find socks toe up more interesting to do as well. From the cuff down becomes boring when you have done a number of them. Well, so does toe up after a while.

But you can start your socks at the toe or the cuff --- and even at the heel and then work in both directions!! If you have seen Cat Bordhi's New Pathways book, she does the foot first as a tube, then cuts an opening to do the leg upwards. It works. It really doesn't matter which way you go. They are all fun to do.

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Something tells me that Elizabeth Zimmerman would just love the way Cat Bordhi thinks outside the box.

So far, so good on the toe up socks!
I really like watching the socks build row by row. I had someone see what i was doing and asked me what they were going to be. You should've seen the look when I answered. Priceless!

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Figuring out toe up is on my to do list along with short row heels. I know once I commit to I'll what I thought was so complicated - life is long.