Another Double Knit Scarf

This is my second attempt at "Double Knitting" I think it turned out better so I guess practice does improve things. The scarf is from Son of Stitch and Bitch. The lighter shade is unknown acrylic and the darker is Patons Decor.

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You are really getting into it. Beautiful work - I love the pattern you chose.

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Thanks Ron....I was inspired by your avitar lol.

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you're a comedian, Dennis. I am going to visit a friend in Nova Scotia in the spring and hope we can meet for coffee.

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I love this scarf - I am knitting the same one - not finished yet but a lovely looking pattern.

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This is only the second thing I have knit in Double knitting, oddly enough, it was started first and the Horse one was second but first to be finished. Guess what my UO's room looks like lol. Yes I said room lol.

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Very good work, Dennis. A friend of mine used to double knit afghans, having learned to make them when she was young. Big afghans, mainly with her own designs. Lots of colors, too. I always enjoyed seeing her at AIDS prevention conventions, etc. as she'd be knitting and spreading the word about prevention and testing. Bless her.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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You boys and your argyle...... I must have been traumatized by someone in argyle, possibly a Catholic girl, when I was a child - even ronhuber's avatar makes me cringe (you know I love you ron.) Argyle or not, great job!!!

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I love, love, LOVE it, Dennis. I'm going to have to look for that pattern. Beautiful job. Well done!