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My boss was in my office yesterday and my socks were showing because I had legs crossed with my ankle up on my knee. He admired my socks and they happened to be a pair that I'd made and I said so and offered to make him a pair. His reaction was so funny. First let me say I love my boss, he's a great freind and he has helped me out a great deal over the years but he was so taken aback by the fact that I knit. I thought he knew, I talk about it all the time. I'm never, I mean never self conscious about knitting, it's been a part of my life for over thirty years. It wasn't a bad reaction - he was just so surprised and amused. He and my husband are good freinds too so he knows I'm not striaght. It was as if I'd revealed a third eye or something. Are men who knit such a rarity?


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Well, you look adorable with that third eye! LOL

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We are, actually. Never really thought about it till you asked the question but most men just don't knit. (Nor do most women, for that matter.) And men who knit as well as you are rarer still.

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You are too sweet!

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...good thing it was socks! If you'd been working on a lace scarf he might have had a harder time...(grin)

You know what's funny? It seems that when other guys see me knit, I usually get the, "I couldn't do that." But when they see the finished product and how little time most of the stuff I make takes, they start up with questions. And I mean the kind of pointed questions you know he's considering the possibility of him knitting.
I've noticed that if they ask about price of yarns, they're gonna ask you to make them something, usually socks. But if they ask about how stitches are made, they want to learn. So that's when I ever so casually just mention how the stitches are made. I show them how its done. And then I wait. . . .because I know he's gonna ask me to show him how sometime real soon.
Personally, I think men are natural knitters. Maybe its becuase its so logically based (meaning patterns and their design) and there's room for the artist in us all (colors and textures).
I've taught two hetero cousins (and one of them is a 20-something marine vet) how to knit and they're goooood.

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My lys ladies always say men are the best students - we evidently aren't at all fearful and catch on quickly. Sailors invented it os it really is a man's sport. If we could just figure out how to make it a team sport.......

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I was somewhere - possibly Rhinebeck - where a number of people were working on a circular shawl - on multiple circs, with multiple balls of yarn, a mult-spiral. there was a ball of yarn per set of circs and each person was working with a needle each from two circs....sort of a round robin knit....

I've seen similar things done with crochet as well.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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One of my favorite photos of Elizabeth Zimmermann shows her and her daughter, Meg Swansen, both knitting on the same project. Some friends and I talked about doing something similar for a sheep-to-shawl contest but it never happened.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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A great offer. I hope he takes you up on it. My one friend is still owed a new pair of heavy socks for winter and hunting. Of course, he was also one of those people who complain that I don't give away socks anymore. His fault...he's the one who told me how good they are. So I mainly knit them for myself.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Hi Scottly,
your boss-sock story reminded me of one of my "knitting&work" incidents which I wrote down on this site. Unfortunately, when I mentioned your name, I misspelled it! Very sorry, mate. Was not done on purpose!
Apologies from Germany ;-)