Who's your favorite men's designer?

I've been looking at a lot of pattern books and I think I know why women say there's a curse on knitting for their hubbies/bfriends etc. I think its becuase they follow the patterns verbatim from the books. color and all.
I bought Knits Men Want by Bruce Weinstein and have been singing his praises ever since. I love the patterns, the colors he chose, and the way he handles gauge.
I have to say that he has to be far and away my favorite designer of men's knits. Who's your favorite?



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Can't really comment on this one very much. Seldom knit traditional menswear. However, finding appealing designs for men is a chore. Luckily, there is improvement. One designer's works that always seem to strike a chord is those of our own Kenny Chua. Ialways enjoy seeing them in Knitter's and other magazines.

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I just took a look at some of his stuff on Ralvery and its very cool. Sweaters and vests are usually just too boring of a knit to keep my interest and the weather has to be arctic to get me in one. The pattern names sure sound interesting though, lots of basic things. Yes, I may have to get it. Thanks for sharing - that's one of my favorite things about this site.

'they follow the pattern verbatim from the book, colour and all'. Bit of a sweeping statement there, and in the case of this woman not true at all.

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Jared Flood - Brooklyntweed
Even when I'm randomly looking on ravelry I come across something that he has shot or worked on and I love it. I also look forward to his seasonal PDF catalogue. I store it on my ipad to get knitting and photography ideas.

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I just received the book from Amazon - I love it, great basic stuff with all kinds of variations. I would wear anything in this and probably will after I get around to knitting them. The commentary is hilarious and pretty much right on for both gay and striaght men - at least the ones I know. Great book! Thanks again for sharing it.