Funny reactions to male knitters

Just read Scotty's entry about his boss' reaction to knitting. Here is another one to share with all of you:
I work as flight attendant and when I am on my break or on watch during a flight, I sometimes find the time to knit a few rows. Once I had a female colleague watching me and asking me about patterns (pretending to be quite interested). After our arrival in Canada, it happened that she, myself and the Captain were walking throught the airport building together. Suddenly she says: "I don't think you should knit on the aircraft!" and it was obvious to me that she said it at that particular moment in order to make me look incompetent in front of our "boss". His reaction: "Who is knitting?" I told him it is me and he shouted out happily: "Finally I meet another man who knits!"!!!
You should have seen the face of the vicious woman. It really made my day!
Finishing with a quote of a butch prisoner who is in a project where inmates are allowed to learn and practise knitting (saw a report on German TV about this prison in the US): "Real men knit pink!"

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That's a wonderful story! It made me give a good guffaw out loud. Thanks for starting my day with a good laugh.

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Cant agree less with ilhiker, you made my day too :) that reminds me of my train trip last year from London to Scotland, knitting with eyes on me with a wierd look from all people around me. Anyways, it turned out to be a lovely scarf for my partner's cousin.

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OMG! I love it!

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What a great story. I would have loved to see the look on the other attendants face. Did you tell the captain about Men Who Knit? If not, you might mention it the next time you fly together. Also like the quote about knitting with pink.

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Wonderful story! I knit pretty much whenever I fly and I've had attentants come up and talk to me about how on long flight they bring out their and knitting as well. I kind of thought it was a common pass time for flight attendants on the job - evidently not. What a wench that one was, I hope you don't have to work with her often. Maybe you and the pilot can start a mens knitting club.

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OMG!! Loved it!! That is a great story. Thanks for sharing that....

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Most welcome!
I believe these kind of stories proove that fate and justice are somehow linked!

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He He ! Love that story ! :-)

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Hah! Niiiiiiiiiice!

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Oh the bitchie stories I could tell about my fellow flight attendants. If one of my co-workers tried that crap it would be ON! Besides the fact "Boss" being the captain...hahaha.. The redeyes flights are what knitting flight attendant work usually.

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Some 30 years ago my partner and I took a long train trip and we both knitted most of the way. The train conductor was most interested but was too shy/butch or not out enough to ask questions. He would slow down as he passed to get a better look of our work. There were women knitting as well but he wasn't interested in them!! Partner was doing a piece that required button holes and the lady behind gave some very helpful tips.

Not sure that I would do the same now I'm a bit older!!

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I took a long train trip about 3 years ago [Denver to New York City and back] and loved the fact that I could knit and/or read the entire time. Sure sparked a lot of conversations with my fellow passengers, too. The highlight was giving a knit dishcloth to a woman who was going home after a sad situation with a relative; you'd have thought I gave her a thousand dollars, her face lit up so much. Bless her...I hope things worked out okay for her and her relative.

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