Catching up

Hi everybody,

I've been faithfully lurking, but I haven't posted in a long time. So forgive the length of this - it covers several months, and I'll try to be concise.

Last July, our friends in Boulder had their first child - a lovely little girl. I made Jared Flood's Tweed baby blanket for her. It just so happened that I finished the blanket the day she was born.

In September, I attended the Men's Fall Knitting Retreat (I still want a T-shirt with MFKR proudly emblazoned across it). Skacel Yarn company hosted a design contest and Nick won for his amazing sporran design. The coolest part, though, was that Karin Skacel decided to purchase all the patterns from those of us who participated and they are now available on the Skacel website:
I've attached a couple of pictures of the gauntlets I designed.

One of my goals for 2012 is to do a lot of stash-busting, which will partly involve getting to some projects that I've been meaning to do for a long time. I recently finished knitting a pair of felted clogs for my friend Jack. I made myself a pair almost 2 years ago, and have yet to felt them. So now I have two ABF pairs (all but felted) sitting around. But I have movement on them, so I'm optimistic.

Finally, I recently finished the Reseda cardigan for my mom. This was a knit-along hosted by my local yarn store. Even though I joined the knit-along late, I think I'm the first - and so far only - one to finish. Almost everyone dropped out, so I tease them that this was my "knit-alone" project. Anyway, it fits mom great, and she's very happy with it.

I hope 2012 has been good to you all so far!


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Your Mom's Reseda is beautiful and I really like Jack's Clogs. Nicely done.


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Your projects are gorgeous. Great work.

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Beautiful stuff, Ray. Masterful. At this point in my knitting "career" I can only aspire to your level of craftsmanship. Your mom's sweater is exquisite. Looks like she thinks so too. Really well done.

PS Why felt the clogs? They look beautiful the way they are.

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You're sweet, Tom - and too modest. You've accomplished many impressive projects yourself. The sweater isn't as complicated as it looks, but you do get a dramatic result from the frequently changing stitch pattern.

As for the clogs, Jack wears a size 9. Without felting, these would fit Sasquatch.

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Very nice knitting, Ray. That sweater is great; I can see why your mom is smiling.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Wonderful work! I especially love that someone else too chose some not-so-traditional colors for their tweed baby blanket.

And that cardigan... wow. And if that's your mom, it's a lovely piece for a lovely woman.

From AKQGuy
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All your knitting is really nice and I particularly like "Mom's" sweater.