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Hi everyone, it's been a while since I've been on here or posted, and I've missed a lot. I hope everyone is doing well and in good spirits. That being said, in an earlier blog entry I talked about how I had messed up just as I was finishing a project (a cowl for my boyfriend) and that I started over. Well good news is, that I finally finished it (grafting and all!) and along the way I knitted a plain beanie for my brother (in the pictures my brother didn't want to model his beanie, so I had my nephew model it for us instead). The beanie took about a day and the cowl I finished back in January, but I've been kinda busy and I never got to post pictures.
For my latest project I decided to give some socks a go. I figured they would be a fun little project so that I can try out working with DPNs and with shaping (as most of the stuff I've knitted has been basic rectangles and circles). Well, I'm on my FOURTH attempt after having started three separate times. Each time I've given a go at it, I get the first couple of rounds going, but then when I'm working on one needle, my work pops off of the other needles and the stitches come undone. I was getting ready to give up all together when I ran into this video on youtube. I don't know if anyone else has seen it, but it is pretty funny and right now, I can REALLY relate to it.
Does anybody have any tricks or suggestions to help me keep my stitches from slipping off one of the ends of my DPNs? Also anyone who uses DPNs do you all have trouble with positioning your hands so that the other needles that are "hanging" don't get in the way or jam into the palm of your hands? Am I doing something wrong?


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I think it all comes with practice. Just keep at it and one day you will find yourself not even thinking about what you are doing. I use stainless steel needles and stitches never fall off so I would think maybe yours are too loose. I usually have the stitches on 3 needles and knit with the 4th. When I am knitting, the needle I am working off of and the next one to it are crossed in the crux between my thumb and index finger. This keeps all the needles horizontal and stitches can't slide off since no needle is hanging down. Check out the web and notice how people are holding theirs. Knitting with dpn's is a wonderful skill to master and I use it frequently so good luck with your endeavours.
Your projects are lovely. Is the cowl a moebus?

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It takes a little practice with dpn's. I had some trouble with them in the beginning. I converted to circular needles. You just have to adjust your work and use stich markers at first so you remember what was being work on what needle. I'll tell you I love using both now and it just took practice. I love dpn's for gloves and sock it just takes some getting used to using them. I still prefer circular needles for in the round work but with practice you will make it work for you with what ever you chose. Happy knitting

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Ron's reply pretty well covers the bases. What I prefer is to have my stitches on 4 needles, knitting with a 5th. That helps spread out the stitches so they aren't all bunched up and doesn't feel so awkward to knit from. A lot of it just getting used to them, though, when it comes to dpns.

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Thanks for the advice guys. I haven't given up, and although it's taken 5 tries already, I've finally gotten past the first 2 inches of my first sock. lol.

Oh, and the cowl isn't a mobius, it's a simple loop, no twists.