Don't fix it if it ain't broke. Right?

Now knowing that saying, why did I try toe-up socks?? I was doing just fine ankle-down when this stupid idea hit me.
Actually, all was going well until I reached the heel. That's when it all fell apart. Im doing them two at a time, which isn't the problem. Its the wrap turns. Somehow, I'm supposed to pick up the wrap and the stitch and purl together. My wraps are tight, and am struggling getting the stitches on the needles.

Yuck! Im so sorry I ever started these.


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Wrap-turns aren't a necessity for toe-ups; you can use them in cuff-down socks as well. Actually you don't have to pick up the wrap and put it onto the needle, you can just put your needle through it and the stitch it's around; maybe that will be easier. Good luck!

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You also have the option of not picking up the wrap when you knit - or purl - back. It will leave a line of wraps but you can always tell anyone that it is a design element, should they bother to ask. The heel I've been using calls for short rows and I wrap and turn, using the wraps as a way to keep track of when I need to do the decreasing to finish shaping the heel. After's our knitting. We control what we want it to look like.

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Thanks for the help, guys! Will perhaps try again. I tore them apart worried that they were gonna look like Sock-ensteins.