Just wanted to share some sock I recently finish. I've been trying to knit a little of everything. Here is something new completed for me. Was happy how they turned out. The were supposed to be for me but my partner again loved them so he can seem to keep his hands of my stuff. Forgot there was a 2mb limit on photos so I've made the link below a public view link you can view with out being a raverly member


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The socks look beautiful. I like the colors in it. I see that you have it on your leg in the car. Do you knit at red lights? I see a guy in the park where I go and he knits in the car after he does some hiking. He rests between hiking rounds.

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I knit durring my luch break's in my car I can listen to the radio and relax for a bit.

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I always enjoy when my guy can't keep his hands off my st... Oh wait. Nevermind. The socks are wonderful, and I too like that color combination. Great work.

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Great looking socks.

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Cool color wave and great job!