I am soooooo clever :)

Macy's had their President sale this past weekend and I needed a queen comforter for the guest bedroom. Instead of throwing out the "bag" I consolidated my left over and current stash of yarns. Instead of having them in shopping bags hidden underneath the day bed. Now I did purchase an antique cabinet w glass doors which was salvaged out of an old church. It will be the future home of my stash but that project is a bit away. But in the mean time I have everything in one spot. And it's easier to hide new yarn from my partner. :)

The medium size one which the sheets came in I'm going to use to keep in my roller board for backing up projects while I'm on trips. The smallest "Lion Brand Yarn" stay in my shoulder bag so I have easy access to the current project. I have to have knitting projects on the plane. I'm seriously I get anxiety before I head down to NYC for work to make sure I have enough yarn and projects to keep me busy. "Keyes, Wallet, ID, Cash, Knitting, Back Up Project...check. I'm ready to go"

(Kepting updating to get the photos in a manageable small size w/ out rotating. Got it)

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Great Work. I can't wait to see the antique china cabinet when it's done! What a classy way to store your yarn. Much better than my plastic drawers from Big Lots.

I think my partner sometimes just shakes his head before we head out somewhere and I busily cast on a small project to take with, like the hat I cast on Saturday night in preparation for his Nephew's High School production of Les Miserables. They did a great job by the way. So I understand the 'anxiety' of making sure ones hands have enough to keep busy with.

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There's nothing wrong with having a current project and a backup one...even when doing an overnight trip, I usually carry yarn and needles for a second project. Probably will not cast it on...but why take the chance of nothing to knit? What if plans change and we're stuck for several days?

Great ideas for storage. Mine are pretty haphazard but make sense to me. Usually.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Go green - repurpose! Thanks for being clever and helping out the planet.