What's your yarn preference?

So I was just wondering what yarn people like to work with? What yarn people hate to work with? Why?

So far I like working with Sugar & Cream yarn. It's all cotton, relatively cheap, feels nice while working with it, and made in the USA.

I don't like the Homespun brand yarn. I made a bear for a friend of mine's baby shower and found myself forcing myself to finish the bear. It was just difficult to work with and didn't like the feel of it while working with it. Made of acrylic.

I do like Red Heart yarn mainly because it's cheap and nice to use when trying something new. Yeah, it's acrylic and I don't like the feel of it while working with it, but for the price it's great to practice with.

What are your yarn likes/dislikes?


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Herrschner's has a yarn called Harrisville Highland Style that I have used for a afghan and really loved that. Simply Soft by Caron is also a favorite. I think any of the eyelash yarns are challenging.

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I generally knit with natural fibers...what with the time it takes to knit a project, there's not much use in using plastic yarns.

I am just finishing a project with a qiviut-blend yarn by MOCO that is heavenly to work with: http://carylldesigns.com/MOCO_qiviut.htm#Natural Qiviut and Qiviut Blend Yarns

Last winter, I worked a sweater with Debbie Bliss Donegal luxury tweed. A wonderful blend of merino and angora.

Happy knitting!

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I love all merino the brand hardly matters - it's forgiving and always blocks beautifully. I'm currently working with a baby alpaca that is really special to knit with but let's see how it blocks. I really like most single ply yarns like Lamb's Pride by Brown Sheep Co or Crystal Palace's Mochi line - ribbing and cables really pop in single ply. Last summer I fell in love withClassic Elite Firefly, its' rayon, linen blend that has a really pretty sheen and drapes wonderfully.

I, too, knit mostly with natural fibers but if I need something that is completely indestructable I use Berroco Comfort it comes in several weights and great colors. It's a nylon, acrylic blend so it can't be blocked but it's great for socks, mittens, hats and anything that will be worn and washed often.

I won't knit with any of the "Walmart" acrylics - I hate the stuff. They can't be blocked and they just feel creepy to me. I don't mind the expence of premium and luxury fiber yarns - they are still cheaper than a day of golf or a weekend on the slopes and many other passtimes that don't leave you with something to wear, use or give to a friend.

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I'm not attached to one particular brand really. Sometimes I see a nice yarn and it inspires a project (and sometimes it just inspires a stash addition); other times I see a pattern I like and then think about what kind of yarn would make it nice...and then can't find it in the sea of "industrial" colors. I do prefer mostly natural fibers but a good acrylic blend isn't always bad. Turkey is manufacturing some very good acrylic actually, microfibers etc. I do knit a lot of socks and prefer sock yarns with a certain amount of nylon for strength, or if I do something with worsted weight, an acrylic blend. But a lot of the strength depends on other things too, especially how much twist there is in the yarn. My first nice pair of socks was from 100% wool "Himalaya" (a local brand) yarn. They came out beautifully and already have holes in them. Ah well. For more utilitarian things or things nobody's going to wear (like a netbook cover I knitted), I have no problem at all with 100% acrylic. Dishrags, Turkish bath scrubbers etc. I've never knit with cotton, but want to try it some time if I find the right project. It tends to be a little loose for socks but maybe okay for foot socks. Maybe with an acrylic cuff for stretch?

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When I want to treat myself I knit with Kidsilk Haze....

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I've been in love with Alpaca and I've really fallen in love w/ Filatura Lanarota Alpaca Cloud. It's a pleasure to handle. I just finished a wrap and a hat and working on a new hat (smaller). I'm wondering how well it will hold up under use since I only paid $3.00 a skein. We'll see.

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i don't like how acrylic feels in my hands and some cottons are work. love my cashmeres and alpacas. kidsilkhaze, yum

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