Zauberball Socks and a Toque

I knit another pair of zauberball socks (2.25mm needles) and had enough left over to make a spring toque on 3 mm needles. I used my mother's recipe for decreasing which is done in about 5 or 6 rows and was able to use up all the yarn. I am going to Canada for a visit and will use this for the cool evenings in the spring.

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Beautiful Ron! I really like the colors - what kind of yarn did you use?

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WOnderful! I was get a silly little glow when a project and yarn equals just the right amount. Great job and neat colors.

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Great looking socks and hat, Ron. It makes me rethink whether to use the WildeFoot yarn I just got out of stash, or the Zauberball that's patiently waiting.

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It is a yarn from Germany called Zauberball made by Schoppel Wolle. You use it from the outside of the ball and the colours just flow out of it with many wonderful surprises. It is lovely to knit with and washes beautifully. I am rather addicted to it and am working on another pair of socks now. This one has dark blues, wines, greys, and greens (so far - as you never know what is lurking in the centre of the ball).

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Thanks for the reminder to use it from the outside of the ball. I didn't know that until I saw a sign at one of our shops warning people that it wouldn't knit up properly otherwise. I never did notice that on the ballband, even though it is supposed to be there. One of mine is all in shades of black and red; I forget what the other is. I also like that there's a photo of the colorway knit up as part of the labelling. Nice touch.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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This is very nice and I agree the yarn is an adventure, we had a problem keeping it in stock. As always well done.

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Oh a toque... (not a toke...) :)

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Ron, Stunning work...really love the choice of yarn color.