Cable Knit Wrap & Hat

I finished (almost) a wrap and hat for my grandmother. She says shawls are for old ladies so I have to call it a wrap...which it is so it's all good. I'm in love w/ this yarn Filatura Lanarota Alpaca Cloud. I bought a bag of ten for $30 at Smiley's Manhattan Sale. I love it so much I might actually take the subway out to Woodhaven just to pick up some more. I still need to find buttons and fix a mistake I made on the button hole. The hat was to big but it fits me well enough so I'll take it. I've already started another hat but smaller. I wasn't sure how to accomplish that since I do not have a set of size 8 needles plus the yarn says use size 9....newbie dilemma so I removed a few stitches in the pattern. Hope that works out. We'll see.

Cable Knit hat & wrap

Cable Knit hat

Cable Knit hat & wrap

Cable Knit Wrap

Here's the link to the free patterns:

Cable Hat


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Very nice work. And, yes, to solve the too big hat it is often easier to just work over fewer stitches. Great problem solving.

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How soft and lovely!

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Beautiful workmanship. It looks very soft and warm. I know what you mean about hats. As simple as they seem, each one is different. The yarn size and needle size always throw things out of whack when it deviates from the pattern. I also run into issues when I use bamboo vs nickle-plated, wool vs cotton vs acrylic. So many variables. My son is sporting a new hat I made him for Christmas and I was only took me two tries to get it right! Thanks for sharing the patterns as well, I will definitely keep them in my collection.