Men's Swap

Is anyone interested in having a men-only swap? Not jock straps, but anything depending on a questionnaire that we fill out. Maybe with a $10 or $20 limit.

I’m involved in two swaps on and thought it might be interesting to swap with other men.

Basically, depending on questions that the swapper answers, the partner picks a bunch of items to swap with them.

If y’all let me know what you think, I will organize the swap.


chipsir's picture

I would be interested. Let me know what is happening

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CHAD...Sounds like fun, Yes..Bill

chadleyb's picture

It looks like we're getting enough interest in this.

Let's look at 1 April as the deadline to iron out the details for the first swap. Then we will have signup until the 15th of April and the swap deadline will be based on the details of the swap. I will coordinate I guess, but any help is appreciated.


smalltownknitguy's picture

I am in. It would be nice to see what someone else would send to me. Thanks.

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It sounds like it could be quite a lot o'fun.

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Count me in!