Celtic Knot

I am looking for a pattern for a Celtic knot to put on the sides of another Scrabble bag that I am knitting in the round. The bag is 40 stitches wide using an acrylic/wool blend yarn that is 6 sts/inch on US5 (3.75mm) circular needles. It would like the knot to be about 2" x 2". I have looked online and in a book, but can't really find one I like that is self-contained. They are all repeated patterns. I would like a knot that I could just plop down in the center of each side of the bag and have be a focal point. I am going to try to find some repeating patterns that are close to what I am looking for and modify them, but I my skill level puts that success in question.

Any suggestions?



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Mark...check out

There are tons of original knots!

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Thanks Bill. I'll check it out!

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You might take a peek at "Cables Untangled" or "Continuous Cables."
They're occasionally very complex, but beautiful and very unique.

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I agree - I bought both these books a while back - and *some day*... ... ...

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Elsebeth Lavold has designs that are self-contained knots. She has techniques that allow for the cable to emerge out of a purl ground and then finish off in the same way, which can be employed to create "rings" of cabling as part of the design.

There's one knot called "St. John's Cross" or "Happiness Sign" that is 14 sts x 28 rows and a larger version 24sts x 36 rows. Also a very nice one --maybe too large for your needs-- that is 32 sts x 48 rows. These are in her book _Viking Patterns For Knitting_.


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I can second this...her book really describes cables well and also gives tips on designing your own.

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Thank you, Robert. I will put the book on my ever-growing list of books that I will end up getting. I appreciate the great information!