Braided Kappe's and Kelp Groves

From AKQGuy
From AKQGuy

This, is Kelp Grove. The next pattern I hope to get out there in the wide world of knitting. In fact, I already have this pattern written up, it just never left my little world when I originally made it for my Mom for my first Mothers Day living outside of Alaska.

From AKQGuy

The stitch itself came from an old 1920's knitting publication that a friend had found in an antique shop. I played with it and created the above blue scarf for my Mom from Malabrigo Silky Wool. It was a wonderful piece and I wrote it down by hand and put it in my binder for later use. Well, after this past weekends trip and Alena's mom not only letting us crash at their house but feeding us wonderful food and watching Jenny's little boy, I thought I owed a thank you gift. So I pulled it back out, and realized as I put the finishing touches on the Braided Kappe pattern and figured out how to post it to Ravelry, that I should publish this one too. So it will come. It just may take awhile. Just trying to be honest. But since I won't await pictures of the wearer I think this one will be a bit faster. Fingers crossed anyway.

As for the Braided Kappe, I'm going to attach the pattern again. It has pictures and had a minute amount of finishing work. Please, let me know if you decided to give it a go and if you find any mistakes so I can fix the pattern. The finished pictures were a rush job. I had no idea meeting up with the recipient would be so difficult and she would be so recalcitrant regarding pictures. I edited out face shots and her butt per her requests.

hope you all have a wonderful day!

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That Kelp Grove is a wonderful lace pattern. I love the matchup with the colors and pattern. The changes in the colors based on the background and light is fantastic. And the Kappe on the owner is great, also.

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I need to get a picture of the skein of yarn before I balled it and started knitting it. The original twisted hank was much more teal and blue but once balled and knitted the green is becoming more and more prevalent. Not that I mind, you know I have a thing for green. I am very happy once I got the problems with the Kappe ironed out how it all came out. I made her promise to lend it to me for the retreat this year.

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I think the Kappe will be a big hit at show and tell. [Hmm....I haven't even considered what to take for that bit of fun and sharing, having done socks last year.]

And the green is what really makes that pattern work so well, IMO. Although the blue and teal definitely help. I keep thinking of the gentle sway of kelp fronds.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Very nice Quinton ! :-)

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Thank you very much

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It is nice to see your work being used. Very attractive and gee, that lace pattern is lovely.

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It is! I always love to see someone wearing something I knit them. And it's funny you say that because guess what I just converted over to a first draft pattern on the computer this evening?

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I really like the Kelp Grove.....waited with bated breath for the posting.

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Someone waited for me in baited breath! How sweet! As for the pattern, I this is a draft, so if you see something glaringly wrong, please let me know. When I get the current piece finished and pics taken I'll do the finishing touches and post it again. But as you see, it's amazingly simple so there wasn't much in pulling it from my hand written notes into a more finished document. Have fun with it, I'm sure you'll play with it like I do with all things sent my way.

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You are always inspirational! Thanks for sharing the photos and the hours and hours of thought that goes into devising or modifying patterns and then writing them down. Passing those things along to others is truly a gift. I really like the blue scarf. It reminds me a little of the fan and feather lace pattern. When you get it posted, let us know. I have a few people in mind that would love a new scarf next winter and I'd enjoy using your interpretation of the 1920s design.

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At the risk of repeating my self - OMG, your stuff is so cool! The projects you choose, the fiber that you execute them with and your craftsmanship are all just lovely. I wish you could adopt me.

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Well, I'm open for adoption as long as you won't put me in a home. Just let me come live somewhere else? I can be someone's retired adopted parent.
Thank you so much for your compliments. I'm glad my projects appeal to you.