Almost done

No one ever shows a project soaking so here it is all nasty and wet.

and of course blocking.

It looks like a train wreck blocking but it dried nicely. So much for swatches though, I really had to stretch it to block it to size. I think it's going to be OK though.

I seamed it up last night - that was an experience, tedious and kind of fun at the same time. Just the ribbing on the arm holes an neck left. God I hate picking up stitches!


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Hi Scott,
Nice way to show progress. You are right, no one ever shows this process. I am anxious to see the finished project.

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It looks great so far. Have fun with those picked up stitches, I too do not always have fun picking up stitches when worried about getting an exact number of stitches. But I've also been known to make a couple of extra in the armpit when I can't get them to work properly. No one is going to notice a couple new stitches in the armpit. And if they are that nit picky to notice, you dont' want to be their friend anyway.
Good luck, and don't forget to enjoy knitting the rest of the piece.

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So sorry it's going to be too small, Scott!
You'll have to give it to a smaller ME!

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Question for you...on the sweater I am making, I noticed that the last stich on every other row on the stockinette is larger. did this happen to you? If so, how did you fix, if at all?