My Frist projects ever.

Hi guys,

It's my birthday today, so I figured I'd finally introduce myself and post my projects.

I never knit before. My friend bobinthebull came for a visit and goaded me into starting. After knitting 3 inches of a scarf in garter stitch, i figured i'd better figure out what this 'purl' thing was about. Wow - it created 'stockinette'! A few more rows of that and I got bored and needed to do something with a pattern.

Without knowing what I was getting into, I started to replicate a traditional legging of the Sarakatsans of northern Greece. They knit in the round, but I wasn't up to it yet so I knit this first piece flat.

Finishing that, I started a sock. You can see the front and back in the 3rd picture. I haven't finished with the leg yet. 'Picking up' stitches does not seem fun at all..... There were some other issues too....

I am currently working on and almost finished with the second legging, but this time I figured I'd get a grip on circular knitting, and do it in the round (DPNs)

Once this is done I think I am moving on to 3 color leggings. Who knows.

Thanks for listening and looking. I'd love to hear from other stranders, as well as if anyone is doing knitting over the neck ( i.e. what seems to be called 'Portuguese' style, although it is done all over the Balkans, Mediterranean and Middle East that way).

Anyone in the NYC area??


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Those are wonderful!
...Bob is a good teacher!

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Ha, I'd love to honestly be able to take credit for it!

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Gaia sta xeria sou paidi mou! Ya did me proud!

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Very good. If this is where you start it is going to be interesting to see where you go from hear.

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Wonderful knitting, Demetri. It looks like you've been knitting for years...great start.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Happy birthday Demetri. Your projects are amazing and beautiful for a new knitter. I've had the book"Fancy Feet" for years but still haven't knitted a sock in the Turkish style, although I have used the colourful designs in a regular sock which is still unfinished.

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Welcome, Demetri.
Your work is amazing. I am relatively new to knitting as well, but even after 15 months, I'm no where near your skill level. What's your secret?

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Wow, you're a natural! Welcome to MWK, I can't wait to see what other stuff you come up with.

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Welcome and wow

we put birds on things

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Yes Happy Birthday!!!! and welcome to MWK. Your work is amazing. I had been knitting for years before I tackled stranded work and knitting with 4 needles. Stranding is now one of my favourite styles of knitting. I also enjoy double knitting which is similar to stranding. I look forward more of your work.

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thanks. stranding definitely calls to me!
i have read about double knitting, but am not sure i've seen any. it sounds interesting. when i was weaving, i liked to do some double-weave. it sounds similar - making both sides the 'right' side.
so is it like a flattened circularly knit tube( or the top and bottom of a sock), or are there stitches which carry on both sides anchoring them together?

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WOW!!! incredible first projects

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wow! absolutely wonderful. where did you get the pattern? I love it!

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thanks paul.

the pattern(s) are all traditional Sarakatsan* knit-work. I am actually helping a friend to put out a book of these patterns. they really intrigue me. if you are interested, i can let you know when it is available.

* a group of formerly transhumant of shepherds of (mainly) Greece. The women did some insane knitting. Their work is the reason i started to and want to knit at all...

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Wow - now that's what I call a natural knitter - wonderful results.

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