I'm not quite happy with it but I might be if I could ever wear it. The day after I finshed it the temp shot up to 76° and is supposed to be near 80 for the next week. It's still winter for God's sake. Anyway, I think it makes me look wierd or maybe that's the camera My husband is the worst photographer ever, he nver takes any time fix things, he could at least have told me to suck in my middle aged belly. Here it is for better or worse.


Bill's picture

Looks wonderful!
Good for you!

CLABBERS's picture

Both you and the sweater look great!!! You did a great job on the ribbing around the armholes and neck. It was fun to watch it grow!

ronhuber's picture

Great looking vest and model. Congratulations.

steve kadel's picture

fine work. I am facing anxiety about photos with my sweaters at my age as well. Ned to find me a model

we put birds on things

Joe-in Wyoming's picture

Looks quite nice, Scott. And you photograph better than I of the reasons there aren't many pictures of me floating around.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

SimonWales's picture

Very nice - you should be pleased with that. You look very dapper in that.

scottly's picture

Thank you everyone - the compliments feel good after a day of keeping the wolves at bay. Evidently its going to be in the 80s for the foreseeable future so no sweatervest.... probably not until next winter. I'm starting another one for Ralf, my husband, but inClassic Elite's Firefly a viscose linen blend in "cedar" which is an olive color, very versitile. I'm hoping he'll want to wear it year round.

Sara Katsan's picture

Looks great!

congratulations. How long did this take to complete?

scottly's picture

About a month of knitting in the evenings two or three hours a night. I was knitting with size 3 needles mind you, so a thicker yarn would move along much faster.

santaml's picture

Very nice work. You'll get those random days when a sweater vest is ok. Or even a nice evening that riquires a little warmth

Buck Strong's picture

Looks great! I love the colour.

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Kerry's picture

Great looking vest and it looks good on you.

paulrdallas's picture

I concur with everyone else. It looks great!

Wow! You do great work, scottly. I LOVE the tie you're working with it too. Great look! Great work!

scottly's picture

Thanks! You're to blame anyway. All of my friends want one now.