Signature Needles

I've been drooling over signature needles for years. However, I have never been up-close and personal with their circulars. Does anyone know if they are good for magic loop? I'm thinking about asking the Hubby for a set for my birthday.


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They are awesome for magic loop. Actually they are the best for magic loop. I own a number of brands, Addi, Hiya Hiya, etc all higher end, but Signature needles takes the lead for magic loop. The reason being is that their chord is so smooth and flexible. They also rotate at the base of each needle end. I have actually used a 24" circular for magic loop which is basically impossible for other circular brands. I own 15 sets. All sizes in 24" and 42" lengths. This pretty much covers all aspects of knitting. A good way to start is to buy one set with the size you mostly knit with. Or search out a lys that might carry them. I found a store in Seattle and tired before I bought. Needless to say I was hooked. Trust me you will be thanking your hubby for the gift for years to come.

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I'd never heard of them before so I Googled them - OMG!!! 40.00 for one set of circ or 45.00 for DPNs. They are certainly beautiful and I'd love to try a set out but can they really be more than twice as good as a set of Addi Turbos or like eight times better then Hiya Hiya stainless? Plus the smallest dpn is a 1 and the smallest circ is a 3. If I knit socks with the magic loop method a size three just isn't small enough. It's up to you, but I'd rather have a nice skein of alpaca, linen or silk for the price.

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I have been looking for circs for magic loop for a long time. I found Chia Goo. They are truly amazing and at least half the price of most others. I have purchased size 1-8 47" lengths. The owner of my LYS started supplying them. I'm sure the Signatures are wonderful but the price for me was too high. Check them out online it would be worth a look.


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I also love the ChiaoGoo needles...particularly the Red Lace circs.
I think the Signature needles are overrated...

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There has been a discussion on this subject on another list, and almost everyone agreed that ChiaoGoo were the best, especially when you consider the price. They are about half of any of the others. I have KnitPicks Options, which I like and are very nice. I have not had a chance to see the ChiaoGoo in person, but the reports seem to indicate they would be wonderful as well. If your LYS carries them, it would be worthwhile checking them out and making your own personal decision. The Signatures are lovely, but you really want to investigate fully to see if they really work that well. You also would need to consider getting special insurance against loss or damage to such valuable tools!

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I don't think the signature needles cable is as flexible as the others. I did not like the joint to the needles. The neddles the,selves are great quality, but I would not spend my money on circulars with them I have a set of Signature DPNs and those I can tell you are worth the money. I use them for socks, they are fantastic and I don't break them or bend them.

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I don't know anyone who has circulars, but Brett and John Silowski have straight needles by Signature needles.

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I personally like my signature circs and I made sure I got them in the longer lengths for Magic Loop and sweaters. They are an investment. If you want PM me your addy, I'll send you a pair of mine if you want to test drive them and I'll get them back from you at MFKR... or whenever. There are two different cables out there. The older ones were a lot stiffer than the newer ones I think.

- - Kerry