How to convert circular collar to boat neck?

Can anyone help me? I finished an Icelandic sweater (see photo attached) but don't like the circular collar. There is no shaping of the neck. I think a boat neck would suit. However, I have never knitted a garment with one and I can't figure out the only pattern instructions I can find.

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Xavier: You need to do short rounds shaping to make the neck fit properly without " shelving." Elizabeth Zimmerman explains this very well (in "Knitting Without Tears" I believe.). You are almost there, don't go boatneck!

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I always use the main colour and do short rows at the back to raise the neck as I find them very uncomfortable when the front is the same as the back. Your sweater is gorgeous and you have done a lovely job with it.

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Thanks, Ron and Eric. I have ordered "Knitting without Tears" from Amazon UK. I can visualize using shortened rounds to raise the neckline at back.

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Beautiful looking sweater, congratulations.

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Your sweater is what I aspire to making in the future. I'm currently just learning and I'm working on a hat. Thanks for the inspiration.


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I have the same issue with the strictly traditional lopapeysa for the very same reason-- I hate that pressure against my throat as if someone had a grip on the back and means to slow me down. My grandmother made me a nice yoked sweater that I never, ever wore. I still have it.
I learned a great adaptation from a pattern in Knitter's Magazine #12, Spring 1991. It's called"Rainbow Pullover" and is by Margie Webster. It has a white body and a rainbowed yoke. I knitted it in Brown Sheep worsted.
Anyway, it has a way to move the neckline forward with short rows that doesn't affect the neck pattern as written: no "extra rows" around the back of the neck.
The short rows are knitted on the front sides, starting *maybe* 1/3 in from the side seamlines. (It's knitted in the round.) It works like a charm. Another thing s that it makes the pattern more rounded across the front, which I like.
Anyway, I ordered some lopi from Istex this month and finally gifted myself with my first lopapeysa with the extra short rows. Unfortunately, we're having springlike temps... :-(
I have read that the *one* advantage of a shoulder-line centered neck is that it fits the same whichever way you put it on. I don't think that such careless dressing would ever happen for me, but it's nice to know it would feel awful regardless of the emergency. :-D