My First Hat - finished!

Hello all. Well I have finished my first hat. Bit of a drama all 'round. Started by using 3.5 mm circular needle and a pattern for a completely ribbed hat, but then the needle broke! That'll teach me to buy cheap plastic needles. Luckily it broke at the point where I could pretend it was meant to just be the ribbing edge so I then changed to 4mm needles and used another pattern. Using the Tapered Staghorn Cable from a pattern on Ravelry ( by Mathew Gnagy) and making up the other sides as i went along I managed to complete a (I think) at least half-decent hat. Using fun stitch markers I got on Etsy to remind me where I was on the pattern. All a bit hit and miss but at least it is hat-shaped. A nice warm hat, just in time for Spring! - I didn't really think that one through, did I? Going to walk the dog now, and will wear the hat too.

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Very nice hat - good job.

On the broken needle.

How tight are you knitting? It sounds to me that you are knitting very tight and the pressure could have lead to the broke needle. Joann Fabrics carries Bates metal DPs these are inexpensive especially if you build up slowly using the 40% off coupons.

Also have you tired circular needles? I like interchangeable (Hiya Hiya). With interchangeable I change the cable length as the size of the hat changes, When it get very small I switch to a long
cable and do magic loop.

Once again you seem to have DPs down and that is a nice hat!

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Beautiful! Perfect, really. Well done!

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Good job

we put birds on things

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Thanks guys. Cacunn - you are right I like to knit tightly to give a nicer look and I am also rather ham-fisted which doesn't help. I like he Hiya Hiya needles - they look quite stylish and even I should not be able to break steel. I have in the past often broken yarn because I am so heavy-handed - I guess "delicate" isn't an adjecive that is often used around me. As for the KnitPro pins I bought, as often happens I was seduced by the bargain price and got what I paid for, cheap and not very strong pins.

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Great hat - finished off beautifully.

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Great hat, Simon!
You did a really terrific job on the hat...just in time for summer! My first hat wasn't that long ago and I remember how proud I felt with the accomplishment. You should be proud. I like the design and the colors you chose. And of course, the model compliments the hat beautifully. :)


You have a great eye for color. Once again, I'm jealous of your yarn, lol. Great stuff!

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Great looking hat. I love the color and the pattern. Keep up the good work.


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You did a great job on your hat, Simon. It looks awesome!


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Bendigedig! Dwi 'n byw yn Y Waun ac dwi 'n drechau dysgu Cymraeg. Gnau am byth!

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That is a very handsome hat, Simon. You did a fantastic job with it. Congratulations.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I've broken my share of wooden needles, an entire set of 2.0 s and most of a set of 2.25 of not so cheap ebony. HiyaHiya is the way to go. And don's despair, unfoturnately, there's always another winter around the corner. By the way the hat is awsome - if you didn't live so damn far away I would come knit with you. :-)

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Wow - looks great.

excellent work.
i seem to knit really tight myself, according to anyone who's seen my few things that i've done. i bought some beautiful wood DPNs ( size 1),
and sure enough. midway through ....snap. too bad, as they really seem so much kinder to the hands and joints!

tried bamboo, and they bend so much - which is fine- but it makes me afraid they will snap too. does anybody have experience with bamboo ( can they really bend that much and NOT snap ???)

congrats on the hat again.

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Nice pattern. It's a good feeling of accomplishment when you finish a piece.

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Thanks guys. Well I'm so pleased I'm not the only one to break needles. And scottly you're very kind - I'm just a lonely knitter (poor me, hehe). Still, apparently there are about three sheep to every person in North Wales so even though they are not great conversationists at least i'll never run out of yarn. Diolch Xavier, dw'in dysgu Cymraeg - pob lwc. (I was just saying I too am learning welsh and wishing him good luck). I've never tried Bamboo, always thought I'd be bound to break them. Maybe I'm wrong.

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Julie from Knit one Purl one in Oswestry encouraged me to buy a set of 2.75mm bamboo as I am always knitting socks when I don't need to concentrate. Shortly afterwards one needle snapped in my hand. I don't think I 'm a tight knitter. Now using Knit-Pro steel 2.5mm - safer.