My kitty pi is a hit

Hi everyone, Another project that I knitted awhile ago, the kittens like it.
I used three yarns held together as one throughout the pattern. I hoped this would give some extra cushioning for the cats and kittens. I had to make this out of acrylic yarn as our cats hiss at any other animal fiber, lucky for me they never get near my wool yarns.

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Christopher Charles's picture

Looks like it's a big hit.

superi's picture

Awww! So cute! Looks like they really love the bed too.


Joe-in Wyoming's picture

That is great! I could see my feline friends enjoying this. The big advantage is that it is easily washed if the little dears are shedding.

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What a cute photo.

CLABBERS's picture

Such lucky kitties! They feel right at home.

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I like how the natural curl of the edges works for the edge of the bed. One could stuff that edge and make it bigger or firmer like on the commercial beds I have for my cats. Good idea for gifts.

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